Mayonnaise provides a creamy flavor to a wide variety of both hot and cold foods, but it is high in calories and also saturated fat. Mayonnaise likewise contains eggs, which have the right to be a trouble for anyone v an egg allergy. Yogurt is easily accessible in low-fat and also nonfat versions, which also makes that a great substitute because that anyone count calories. Cake cream is accessible in low-fat and nonfat versions together well, and also can also serve as a mayonnaise substitute.

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Substitute an same amount of unflavored yogurt because that mayonnaise ~ above sandwiches or in cold salads. Greek yogurt is more thick than most yogurt offered in the U.S., but it additionally has a tangier flavor, so don’t be fear to experiment. Lemon or vanilla Greek yogurt complements chicken salad and many sandwiches without adding too much sweetness.

Mix yogurt with flour or cornstarch when using the to replace mayonnaise in baked casseroles. Flour is not as effective a thickener together corn starch, so usage 2 tablespoons of flour or 1 tablespoon of corn starch for every 1 cup of yogurt.

Add a tiny bit of the hot liquid indigenous dishes choose stroganoff to yogurt thickened with corn starch or flour and also stir it well before adding it to the rest of the dish. This will keep it native curdling.

Bake casseroles or other baked goods containing yogurt at temperature no higher than 325 levels Fahrenheit to ensure the the yogurt will certainly not curdle. Curdling will not impact the taste that the food, however it deserve to have one unpleasant affect on the texture and the method the food looks.

Replace mayonnaise with sour cream by just substituting an same amount. If your recipe calls for 1/2 cup of mayonnaise, because that example, add 1/2 cup of tart cream instead.

Use cake cream instead of mayonnaise in dips and cold salads for a fresher, lighter taste. Add lemon and also salt to almost right the smell of mayo, but be careful. Sour cream is not as sturdy together mayonnaise and also can become virtually liquid if stirred as well aggressively. Wrinkles seasonings right into sour cream gently before adding it come the dish as soon as flavoring her recipe.

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Add cake cream to simmered dishes at the an extremely end that cooking, preferably after you have actually removed the skillet indigenous the heat. As soon as sour cream curdles that affects the structure of the dish and its appearance.

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Mix yogurt or sour cream through mayonnaise in tiny amounts, enhancing the substitute-to-mayo ratio with each serving to progressively wean your household off mayonnaise.