Early last month as soon as I to be at Victoria’s secret I heard a sales rep ask who if they’d prefer to fill the end for a credit transaction card. The customer was quick to decrease but the sales rep wasn’t offering up for this reason easily and enticed the customer by saying, “You deserve to use the Victoria’s secret Credit card at bathtub & Body functions too!”

This comes together no good surprise considering a couple of year’s back I walked right into Bath & human body Works and they had actually a few Pink item on your shelves. Ns was surprised come say the the very least as ns didn’t establish the two brands were owned by the same parent agency which is together Brands. And also even if ns did recognize at the time it was still fairly unusual and also slightly monster to be presented through Victoria’s secret beauty assets at bath & human body Works.

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The thing is both share fairly common products. Fragrance mists, human body lotions, perfumes, etc…each that the two stores carries all of these things yet they still have managed to have their own distinctive lines. Victoria’s an enig in details excels at developing perfume where as bathtub & body Works just releases a single perfume a year if we’re lucky.

None the less, each brand is an extremely different in my opinion but I did discover the cross credit transaction card use an extremely interesting.

I wonder what this could mean going forward. Isn’t it just credit care use or will certainly we view it expanded to how the stores job-related together in the future? I median at some allude are us going to stroll right into the mall and see White Barn slash Bath & Body works slash Victoria’s secret stores?

Or maybe Victoria’s mystery will begin carrying candles?

I’m right here for the candles!

Seriously, aren’t you? Imagine a an extremely Sexy candle? I’m on board! Or a Love spell one? Although, ns am guilty of buying Love spell scented stuff at etsy.com.

But ns digress, the good news right here is if girlfriend do have actually a Victoria’s an enig Credit map you have the right to now usage it at bathtub & body Works!

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