After you have run the microwave, use a soft towel or a sponge to wipe away the cleanser and also remaining residue. 

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Tip: friend can likewise use one ammonia-free glass cleaner or diluted dish soap and a sponge for cleaning the microwave stove cabinet and exterior. 

If her microwave stove cabinet is make from stainless steel, usage a cleaner specifically formulated for stainless steel surfaces. Spray the cleaner top top a cloth and rub tenderness in the direction of the grain. 


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If you execute not have actually an appliance cleaner or prefer residence remedies, usage the complying with methods: 

CLEAN WITH DISTILLED WHITE VINEGARYou can use distilled white vinegar to provide your microwave interior a vapor cleaning.

Dilute a cup of vinegar through a cup the water in microwave-safe key or measure cup. Tip: add a couple of drops of necessary oils or lemon juice to the vinegar mixture to weaken the vinegar odor.  ar the container inside of the microwave, then rotate it top top for about five minute or till boiling and also the inner is filled through steam.  keep the door closed because that a few extra minutes after the timer goes off to offer the steam time to penetrate the dried-on messes.  usage a towel towel or cooktop mitt to remove the key from the microwave.  eliminate the glass tray and turntable support ring also in stimulate to to wash these components separately. undertake rubber gloves and wipe under the internal with a clean bath towel or sponge dampened through the vinegar solution.  to wash the cloth and also repeat as needed.  allow everything completely air-dry before reassembling and closing the microwave door. 

CLEAN WITH LEMONSAlternatively, you deserve to learn how to clean a microwave with lemon. The citric mountain in lemon juice combined with steam can assist loosen caked-on splatters inside your appliance.

leaving the glass tray and turntable support ring within the microwave. cut a lemon in half and squeeze out the juice right into a microwave-safe bowl.  location both lemon halves into the key and add a half-cup of water.  warm on high strength for roughly two minutes or till the mixture boils and the inside is steamy.  store the door closed for numerous minutes ~ the timer goes turn off to enable the heavy steam to loosen any type of dried splatters.  open the door and also carefully remove the hot bowl with a cloth towel or oven mitt.  Wipe down the internal with a clean cloth, record towel or sponge.  dip the corner of a cloth into the lemon solution and also scrub any an overwhelming areas with the soft scouring pad side of a sponge. 

Tip: Occasionally wiping the end the microwave interior with a equipment of baking soda and also water keeps the inside of the microwave fresh and can expand the time between thorough cleanings. 

Note: constantly follow the manufacturer’s references for just how to clean a microwave before trying any kind of microwave cleaning hack.