Sometimes, CR2032 batteries and also CR2016 batteries that space round, flat, and look like tiny silver buttons seem come look the same. Since they all look the same, deserve to they be used universally?

Stop! Wait a minute!

Although CR2032 battery and CR2016 battery share similarities, there space actually differences in battery thickness and battery capacity. Therefore, us cannot just use the two batteries.

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If you make a failure by accident, girlfriend will need to place one more order come buy it lol. So, in order come clarify the difference between CR2032 battery and also CR2016 battery, and also not come be confused by the similar appearance as soon as buying the battery, take it a look in ~ the content:

Batteries the CR series

Interchangeability of CR2016 & CR2032

Use of every CR battery

Warnings of switch Batteries

Price of every CR battery

Product Description

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Batteries that CR series

The most common form of lithium-ion battery is a polycarbon monofluoride battery called BR.

The BR-type is the traditional for little lithium-ion batteries, casually described as "button batteries" or "coin batteries" due to the fact that of your small, round size. BR batteries are recognized to operate at high strength from begin to finish, while likewise being able to withstand warm temperatures.

Another kind of button battery, the CR battery, is a manganese lithium dioxide battery. The early stage discharge the CR batteries is higher than the early discharge of BR batteries, however should it is in phased out together the battery ages. Because that this reason, BR batteries often tend to be used for electronics, such as cellphones and laptops, whereby life is important. However, CR batteries are much more affordable, do them renowned with devices such together smoke detectors, bathroom scales, wristwatches and also calculators.

Each CR battery has four numbers, distinctive to that battery. These 4 numbers refer to the thickness the the battery itself. When you look at CR2016 vs. CR2032, the CR2016 is 1.6 millimeters thick and the CR2032 is 3.2 millimeters thick. The last 2 numbers on any type of CR battery will certainly tell you the thickness in millimeters.


CR2016 and CR2032 interchangeability

CR2016 and also CR2032 may vary in thickness, but they are identical in number of ways.

They"re both 3-volt versions, and also none of lock is rechargeable. However, that is vital to remember that there room variations in ability. CR 2032 has a volume of 240 mAh, if CR2016 has actually a volume of simply 90 mAh. The CR2032 can administer 10 hrs of use, when you only get around six hours from the CR2016, depending upon the power you"re using, of course.

Due to their indistinguishable voltage, there space several instances where CR2016 and CR2032 deserve to be interchanged. However, the fact that castle have various capacities and therefore various runtimes can cause problems. You will certainly not obtain the power from the CR2016 that you will gain from the CR2032, and also some gadgets won"t role at all.


Use of every CR battery

When weighing CR2016 vs. CR2032, the greatest difference to you is possibly where they room used. They are both similar in that they appear to be uncovered in small devices, plenty of of i beg your pardon are family products. You have the right to not also know that an object uses a battery till it runs out, and you have to replace it.

Since the CR2016 battery has a much shorter life cycle, friend can find it in things that execute not entice much power, such together calculators and watches. Usually, the CR2016 battery can handle the low power draw on together products and also deliver month of use, if no years. Items together as computer motherboards, auto remotes, financial institution card readers and also toys are produced CR2032 batteries.


Warnings of switch Batteries

The small size makes both the CR2032 and CR2016 battery a choking hazard. If friend have children in her home, make sure your switch batteries are maintained out of their control. Since these battery are likewise used in toys, inspect the battery compartment of any kind of toy your kid plays v to ensure the they space securely sealed.

If who in your residence ingests a battery button, get assist right away. Choke is only one threat. If left unchecked, a lithium-ion battery can become lethal in a issue of hours. Execute not encourage a person to eat or drink other that stays clear of forcing it more down the esophagus.

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Price of every CR battery

Qty.Unit PriceExt. Price

Product Description

Benefits of this productLong shelf life of approximately 10 years; self-discharge is an extremely lowVery short self-discharge; long shelf life: approximately 10 years
Use in a wide selection of applicationsA full line increase for use in a wide range of applications
High voltage (3V)High voltage (3V)

Use in a wide selection of temperatures

(-30°C come +60°C)

Usefull in a wide range of temperature

(-30°C come +60°C)

No mercury addedNo mercury added
Power: ultra compact

Two, three or much more conventional batteries deserve to be replaces by a solitary lithium battery.

That"s due to the fact that there"s a most power in this ultra-compact design: 3V. Thanks to the Panasonic lithium coin CR2016 battery, also very little devices can now be detailed with a powerful source the energy.

The Panasonic lithium coin CR2032 battery has actually a high voltage of 3V. In short: several power in one ultra-compact design.

You have sufficient with one lithium battery in comparison come 2, 3 or much more traditional batteries. Pick the lithium coin CR2032 battery together a powerful source of power for your little devices.


90% that their original capacity, that"s just how much strength the Panasonic lithium coin CR2016 battery still have actually after 10 years.

Their chemical stability, i beg your pardon is due to the mix of lithium and manganese dioxide, is an extremely high. Permanent discharge has actually been verified at all operation temperatures under low-load discharge conditions.

90% that the original capacity: the is what the Panasonic lithium coin CR2032 battery still have after even 10 years.

The combination of lithium and also manganese dioxide outcomes in a chemically really stable battery. Irreversible discharge has actually been proved at all operation temperatures under low-load discharge conditions.

Reliability and safetyPanasonic batteries have won approval under the UL safety and security standards in the United claims and wide recognition throughout the people for your high reliability and also safety. This is the an outcome of repeated tests top top the various safety and performance qualities of the Lithium Coin CR2016, add to the effects of environmental factors such together temperature that Panasonic has actually conducted. Us have collected a wide range of corroborative data top top the performance of our batteries the cannot be pinpointed by short-term sped up tests.Repeated exam on the assorted safety and also performance qualities of this battery have actually been carried out by Panasonic. Additionally the results of environmental determinants such as temperature to be tested. Panasonic has built up a wealth of corroborative data top top the performance of our batteries that cannot be pinpointed through short-term accelerated tests. The result is that Panasonic batteries have won consent for your high reliability and also safety under the UL safety and security standards in the United claims and vast recognition over the world.

You can use this batteries in calculators, digital watches, storage back-up, laser pens, automobile keys, fitness appliances and medical devices like a clinical thermometer and also a tensiometer.

Lithium Coin CR2016 has a proven track record for appliances where typical batteries cannot be used.

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Lithium Coin CR2032 has particular achievements for tools where traditional batteries can not be used.

This battery can be provided for storage back-up, digital watches, automobile keys, laser pens, fitness appliances and also medical devices such together tensiometers and clinical thermometers.

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Figure: CR2025

Features & Benefits

Good pulse capabilityHigh discharge characteristicsStable voltage level during dischargeLong-term reliability
Product Category:Coin cabinet Battery
RoHS:Not Applicable
Battery Size:CR2025
Battery Chemistry:Lithium Manganese Dioxide (LiMnO2)
Output Voltage:3 V
Capacity:165 mAh
Termination Style:Pressure Contacts
Width:20 mm
Height:2.5 mm
Minimum operating Temperature:- 30 ℃
Maximum operating Temperature:+ 60 ℃