We gain questions about whether Walgreens accepts EBT Cards (Food Stamps or SNAP advantage cards). We space not surprised because Walgreens is the largest drugstore in the U.S, through over 8,200 company-operated shop in every 50 states, the ar of Columbia, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands. Based on the EBT map food list, or the items girlfriend are enabled to buy v food stamps, over there is a very minimal choice of points you have the right to buy with your card at a medicine store, matches say a farmers market or grocery store/supermarket. But since we keep acquiring the questions, us figured it have to be due to the fact that Walgreens has actually so countless locations and also are also in locations where there space not classic grocery or supermarkets. Right here is the answer we found when we looked into the question:

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Does Walgreens expropriate EBT Card?

When us searched your website for an answer, this is what us found:


Unless your Walgreens sells fresh produce, there are very restricted things you have the right to buy. You have the right to probably only obtain bread and also cereal and dairy products. Together you can likewise see, you can not buy pet food, soap, family suppliers etc.

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That’s why you room probably finest off making use of your EBT map at a grocery save where you have a wide selection of items you can buy that are permitted on the list we provided. If you don’t have transportation and also can just shop at convenience stores and pharmacies, maybe you need to look right into farmers industries in her area.