So, Similac had actually been sending me checks due to the fact that LO was born but she was EBF so i never had to usage them. Well...we switched come formula last month and looking at exactly how much she"s drinking i have to replace it every week. So ns went digging because that the checks just to see they were expired. I called their client service and the rep ns spoke to claimed they couldnt reissue checks yet I might still usage them in store. Well....I checked out Target and also walmart, lock wont take them. Called cvs, castle wont take it.....has anyone had luck through this or have to i simply trash them? thanks in advance

I would certainly trash them. Shot calling Similac again and also see if they’ll be ready to send you part coupons. Also shot going to her pediatrician and also ask them because that coupons and also samples together well.

You are watching: Can you use expired similac checks a message. Ns send she my expired checks and she is able to usage them at her Target. As soon as your checks are used, lock send an ext as fine as offer you points towards getting your $17 coupons. Girlfriend still gain credit for using them and also get closer come the huge checks. To add you are helping another mom out!

Thanks ladies. I"ll walk to another walmart and try it. We have only one Target in our city so I"m not sure about going back there yet.

yes, I typically look because that high schoolers/college kids due to the fact that they never ever check. Sometimes, the older women inspect the dates, yet I don’t have expired check often.

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And OP, yeah, i would never ever ask. Of food they space going to say they won’t take them. I constantly just try and if they to be to check the date, I’d simply apologize and also say i didn’t know

I’m in Florida.

I constantly look because that young college students cashiers, castle never check exp dates, great luck