Brush up on the differences between these two oft-confused solvents before tackling your next painting to-do.

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Neither is suitable for latex repaint applications.

All repaint thinners are solvent-based (not water-based) and also therefore intended because that use only with oil-based paints. Using either to slim or clean turn off water-based latex paint can separate the paint pigment indigenous the repaint solvents during a thinning application or fail come dissolve the from utensils throughout a cleaning application. As soon as thinning or clean tools covered in latex paint, girlfriend should instead use plain water or a specially recipe latex-based repaint thinner (e.g. Thin-X Latex paint Thinner).

FAQ around Mineral soul vs. Paint Thinner

Are acetone and also mineral soul the same?

These two substances space not the same. Mineral soul is distilled, purified petroleum, vice versa, acetone is an essential compound—a ketone discovered naturally arising in plants, trees, and even our very own bodies.

Can i use paint thinner rather of mineral spirits?

You can use any type of paint thinner to minimize the viscosity of repaint or remove repaint from paint implements. Mineral soul are normally less toxic, however other repaint removers might have been paint-removing abilities.

Can i pour mineral spirits under the drain?

No. Doing so can damage the water it is provided or the planet if you’re ~ above a septic tank. Dispose that mineral spirits as you would certainly paint: find a regional disposal center specifically collection up to properly manage these products.

Will mineral spirits eliminate latex paint?

Mineral spirits and also other repaint thinners are commonly used because that cleaning up oil-based paints, due to the fact that these paint species are no water-soluble. If you have wet latex repaint on your brush, you have the right to just usage soapy water come clean it.

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