Whether you’re a tan newbie or simply need a refresher on how to gain the many out of your tan, you’re in the best place. We have actually assembled 11 crucial tanning bed advice to help you learn exactly how long to tan, what to perform after friend tan and also more. First (if friend haven’t already), talk with our demorphs Experts® to recognize your demorphs skin type. Then us can assist you with selecting the ideal sunbed, skin treatment products, session times andschedules.

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TANS little OR no AT ALL

Burns easily and severely, then peels. People most often with fair skin, blue eyes, freckles, white unexposed skin.



(Painful burn); tans minimally and also lightly; likewise peels. Human being with fair skin, blue or hazel eyes, blonde or red hair, white unexposed skin.




Tans easily and above average through each exposure. Civilization with light brown skin, dark brown hair, dark eyes, white or light brown unexposed skin. (Asians, Hispanics and Mediterraneans)


Tans easily and also substantially. Brown-skinned people, brown unexposed skin. (East Indians, Hispanics, etc.)


People through black skin. (Africans and also African Americans, Australians and also South Indian Aborigines)

*Fitzpatrick group Scale - cutting board Fitzpatrick, MD


Just one five minute spray tan session can create flawless results in as little as four to 6 hours. AND, your customized spray tan have the right to last as much as a week — making that the perfect enhancement to your sunbed tanning routine, once you require a quick rise of color. Learn an ext about spraytanning.

Prep your Skin

1. It’s best to shower, shave and exfoliate a job or two before your tan session. Exfoliating helps prepare her skin prior to you tan. If you don’t have actually time because that a deep exfoliation, utilizing a loofah, brush or bathtub puff throughout shower time functions justfine.

2. Use a non-oil-based light moisturizer ideal after you shower orbathe.

Check her Prescriptions

3. Check the side effects of prescription medications. Some medications can increase skin sensitivity once exposed come UVrays.

What come Wear

4. Use a lip balm v SPF protection. Many PBT locations bring lip balm with SPF. Check your salon foravailability.

5. Eliminate your makeup, jewelry and avoid wearing hefty perfumes or essentialoils.

The nude Truth

6. Once you’re collection up through a private and also secure tanning room, disrobe to her level the comfort. If you select to it is in nude, be certain to cover locations not typically exposed come thesun.

Use these Tanning scent Tips

7. Use indoor tanning lotion evenly in a circular motion and over all areas of the body. Using the appropriate skin treatment products is the best method to prolong the life of your tan. PBT has bronzers and intensifiers especially formulated because that indoor tanning. Note that lotions not made for indoor tanning can reason damage to tanning beds and don’t help develop yourtan.

Protect Those Peepers

8. We want you to totally enjoy how an excellent you watch after tanning. That’s why us (politely) insist that you sports protective eyewear. After all, it’s compelled by law since UV rays deserve to be harmful to eyes. We’re happy to provide protective goggles for every ourclients.

Safety First

9. Every PBT locations have actually a 24-hour demorphs policy. Due to the fact that the tanning process doesn’t stop once you leave the sunbed, her skin requirements downtime come properly construct color. Together recommended by the FDA, a 24-hour resting period between sessions will permit you come maximize her color and skin care. Learn more about sunbed tanningsafety.

Keep her Glow Longer

10. Making use of a demorphs extender is the best means to for sure long-lasting results. PBT has variety of sunbed tanning commodities that hydrate skin and assist keep friend goldenlonger.

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11. Preserve your perfect shade by tan 1-3 time a week. Consult through the demorphs Experts® because that a personalized tan retentionplan.