If you"re casually driving under the road, and you check out a light popular music up top top the dashboard of her Nissan Altima, it"s vital to know what that light is trying come tell you. To assist drivers around Indianapolis, Lawrence, and also Speedway, IN, better understand these warning lights, we"ve produced thisNissan Altima dashboard guide.

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Some of the lights questioned in this short article will encompass tire push warning, brake warning, and charge warning. If friend want much more information, girlfriend can constantly contact your friends in ~ Andy Mohr Nissan!

Warning Lights

Out of every the lamp on your dashboard, likely the most necessary ones are going to be your warning lights. This lights room there to let you understand when yes sir a component malfunction, and also you should have actually your auto diagnosed as soon as possible.

Warning lights will regularly shine red or yellow. The a an excellent idea to know which lights to look out for, so you deserve to be certain you’re acquiring your car the care it demands as soon as possible.

Brake Light

If your continuous brakes begin to action wonky, you"ll see among two symbols, the first being words “BRAKE” showing up in a light on her dashboard. The 2nd symbol you might see is one exclamation suggest inside that a circle, i m sorry is within parentheses.

This warning light can mean a couple of different things. First, you may be short on brake fluid. The various other possibility is the the parking brake is jammed or malfunctioning. One of two people way, friend should have actually your brakes inspected by a professional prior to attempting come drive.

Malfunction Indicator Light

One of the most usual warning lights you can see is your breakdown Indicator Light/Check Engine Light. This light looks choose a cutaway of your engine and it’s offered to show a general malfunction within her engine.

At times, this light way you should have actually your engine looked in ~ soon, however it doesn’t always warrant a have to pull over and also request help. If this irradiate starts blinking, the a authorize that you have actually a much more serious problem that needs instant attention.

Charge Warning Light

The charge warning light will be a battery v a tiny plus and minus authorize on either next of it, which shows that her battery isn"t charging correctly.

The auto battery is a vital feature the plays a significant role in assorted components, including transforming your auto on. If this light appears, it"s a great idea to have your battery confirm as easily as possible.


If a light shows up on her dashboard analysis "ABS" in all caps, this is a warning light for your anti-lock braking system.

Often, this light will certainly come on as soon as you begin the automobile before conveniently disappearing. This actually shows that theanti-lock brakesare functional.

However, if this light pops increase while you"re driving, you should get your anti-lock brakes checked, together there might be one issue. Also, just since the anti-lock brakes avoid working, that doesn"t average your consistent brakes space malfunctioning.

Low tire PressureLight

The short tire pressure warning irradiate looks favor an exclamation point inside the a horseshoe. This light is an essential one, as it indicates that a tires is currently below the recommended pressure.

If this is the case, refill her tires as shortly as possible. If this light persists, have your tires looked in ~ by a professional.

Power SteeringLight

The power steering warning light is simply a steering wheel with an exclamation suggest beside it. This is one more light that might turn on appropriate after you begin the auto before quickly fading away. This allows you recognize that the strength steering is functional.

On the various other hand, if this light comes on as soon as you"re driving, it means there is a malfunction with your power steering. This doesn"t median you"ll lose control of the vehicle, yet it"ll be much more complicated to turn.

If this occurs, take her Nissan Altima right into the shop because that an inspection.

Engine Oil press Warning Light

If it’s to be a long time due to the fact that you last readjusted your oil, you might see the engine oil pressure warning light come on. This light the looks like a dripping oil can is supplied to tell you as soon as you’re gaining low on oil. Generally, that your very first sign before your engine starts taking damage.

It’s a good idea to make sure you have actually your oil readjusted as quickly as feasible if you check out this light.

Indicator Lights

Of course, there room lights on her dashboard that exist simply to carry out you with details that other is on.

These are your indicator lights, and they frequently shine blue or green, although there are some the shine red. You have the right to pay fist to this to be sure that your automobile is operating correctly.

Electronic Parking Brake Indicator

If you rotate on her parking brake, a light the looks like the indigenous “PARK” in big, bold letters will certainly appear.

This irradiate will show up red, however it’s not like your brake light. This is merely there to let you recognize that her parking brake is engaged.

All-Wheel drive Indicator Light

If your Nissan Altima is equipped v all-wheel drive, your auto will permit you recognize when you’re in all-wheel drive with this light. It will look like a diagram of her drivetrain v the letter “AWD” in the center.

High Beam aid Indicator Light

If your car is equipped with High Beam Assist, you could see this green indicator light appear.

The High Beam aid light will certainly look prefer a headlight with an “A” in the center of it. This is simply there to tell you the you’re right now in the High Beam aid mode.

Front Fog light Indicator Light

If your car is equipped with fog lights, you’ll check out this light rotate on when you move on her fog lights. This irradiate looks like a headlight with a squiggly heat behind it.

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Understand your Nissan Altima Dashboard Lights

All motorists near Indianapolis, Lawrence, and Speedway, Indiana, should understand what the warning lights typical in theirNissan Altima.

If any type of of these lights popular music up, contact Andy Mohr Nissan, and also we"ll happily take it a look at at her car!