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Carlson is one insensitive ranch hand that Steinbeck provides in opposition to George. While George shooting Lennie the end of sympathy and fear that what others could do to Lennie, Carlson disposes of life there is no regard come the aftermath or sorrow the result. For example, Carlson urges Candy, an old...

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Carlson is one insensitive ranch hand who Steinbeck uses in opposition to George. When George shoot Lennie out of sympathy and also fear that what others can do to Lennie, Carlson handle of life there is no regard to the after-effects or sorrow that result. For example, Carlson motivates Candy, an old ranch hand who has actually lost among his arms, to kill his dog. Carlson says,"Whyn"t you acquire Candy come shoot his old dog and give him one of the pups to raise up? I have the right to smell the dog a mile away. Gained no teeth, damn close to blind, can"t eat. Liquid feeds the milk. He can"t chew nothing else" (Chapter 3). Carlson says that the dog have to be shot due to the fact that the old animal is suffering, yet his motives space selfish, together the dog"s smell offends him.

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When George shooting Lennie in ~ the finish of the novel, he does so to defend his friend, and George plainly suffers through his conscience as a result. This plot is very different 보다 Carlson"s selfish ide that Candy have his beloved pet killed. ~ the dog is shot, Carlson conscientious cleans his gun, and therefore George and Lennie both know about the gun and where it is kept.

George later on kills Lennie v Carlson"s gun. Steinbeck writes at the finish of the book around George, "He reached in his side pocket and also brought out Carlson’s Luger; the snapped turn off the safety, and the hand and also gun place on the floor behind Lennie’s back." George"s murder of Lennie is symbolically linked to the murder of the dog, as George offers the very same gun to carry out his act, yet George is motivated by love, not by selfishness, together Carlson to be in arguing that Candy"s dog be shot.