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Shopping resale to score your dream Chanel bag in ~ a much more affordable price? perform not gain fooled by a superfake! us have noted ten giveaways that the pre-loved Chanel bag you room considering is a counterfeit. Click below to complete your acquisition with confidence.

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Superfakes have actually earned your name. Utilizing the very same materials and techniques, they are nearly identical to genuine bags and also can be practically impossible for professionals to detect.

It can be tempting come buy a superfake Chanel, scoring the look at a fraction of the price, but superfakes space tormenting the fashion industry. Counterfeiting is often linked to other crimes like person trafficking, kid labor, and also drug smuggling, and it loss the reputation of the brands and diminishes client trust.

With the ongoing rise that superfakes, the authentication process not just requires knowledge around a brand’s heritage and craftsmanship, but additionally all the counterfeit piece that room flooding the market.

To assist you shop secondhand, us have detailed ten giveaways that a Chanel bag is fake. If girlfriend come across a bag that features also just one of these inaccuracies, us recommend the you save shopping.


Photo by Christian Vierig/Getty Images


Fake Chanel Bag

1. The quilted pattern does no align.

Chanel bags room quilted in number of patterns, including diamond, chevron, and also square. As soon as the sample is interrupted (for example, by a closed outer flap or one exterior pocket), it need to still heat up perfectly. If the pattern is not consistent, the bag is no necessarily one imitation Chanel. As leather naturally stretches end time, the pattern deserve to be meant to it is in slightly turn off on vintage styles.

2. Over there are much less than eight stitches every panel.

To for sure the quilting does no bulge and appear puffy, Chanel offers a high variety of stitches. Start counting! every side the a quilted diamond or square is known as a panel. There have to be in between nine and eleven individual stitches every panel. On an enlarge style, there can be as couple of as eight; however, only a fake Chanel will have less 보다 this.


Yoogi"s Closet, Real/authentic Chanel Stitching


Fake silver- Chain & actual Gold Chain

3. The chain straps space lightweight.

Following the fatality of your mother, Coco and also her sisters were left in ~ a convent-run orphanage by their father. Motivated by the keychains the nuns carried, coco used chain because that the straps that the 2.55 (the first-ever shoulder bag and also Chanel Flap Bag). Now a defining feature of the brand, the chain straps should constantly be the the highest quality. They must feel heavy and also substantial. If they feel light and also hollow, the bag is a counterfeit Chanel.

4. The serial number is composed of nine or much more digits.

Depending on when a bag to be produced, that serial number will be six, seven, or eight digits. Chanel has actually never approve a much longer serial number. The collection of the serial number, indicated by its an initial one or 2 digits, should additionally match the layout of the sticker the serial number is published on. To avoid counterfeiters from delivering serial number sticker labels from one bag to another, Chanel frequently alters their appearance. Come make certain the serial number is published on the exactly sticker style, recommendation our table.


Fake Authentication Card


Fake Chanel bag

5. The ‘CC’ logo lock does no look quite right.

Added by karl Lagerfeld in 1984, the ‘CC’ logo lock is the many recognizable attribute on a Chanel Flap Bag. Take a closer look at it. The appropriate ‘C’ should always overlap the left ‘C’ in ~ the top, and the left ‘C’ should always overlap the appropriate ‘C’ at the bottom. Unless the bag is a special edition, the end of every ‘C’ have to be flat. The lock should also be perfectly straight and also centered ~ above the closure tab. Top top a fake Chanel bag, one or much more of this details will often be incorrect.

6. The lock’s backplate is secured through Phillips-head screws.

Open the flap and also look in ~ the ago of that is closure tab. The rectangle-shaped backplate, i m sorry secures the ‘CC’ logo design lock come the bag, need to be attached with two screws. Chanel offered only flathead screws till 2015, once it switched to proprietary, star-shaped screws. Tradition to Chanel, the new screws require a non-standard screwdriver that only the house has, making the harder for counterfeiters come copy them. Chanel has never used Phillips-head screws, therefore they will just be checked out on fakes.


Real/authentic Backplate


Real/authentic Chanel Bag

7. The interior lining is creasing and also bubbling.

Chanel Flap Bags room lined v high top quality leather. The leather have to be equipment tight through no creases, bumps, or bubbles. Even over time and also with use, the lining in a genuine Chanel will certainly not pull away or loosen from the sides.

8. The shade of the brand stamp does not enhance the hardware.

Inside every Chanel bag, a brand rubber stamp is embossed straight onto the lining or one attached animal leather patch. The brand stamp should be the same color as the bag’s hardware; a bag with gold hardware should have a yellow brand stamp, and a bag v silver hardware should have a silver brand stamp. On a actual Chanel, the metallic leafing may rub off, causing the brand stamp to readjust color or almost completely disappear, however this is usual only ~ above vintage formats that show strong signs the use.


Real/authentic Brand Stamp


9. The brand rubber stamp reads ‘MADE IN PARIS’.

In all resources letters, every brand stamp has the brand name, a registered trademark, and also the nation the bag was developed in. Chanel bags room made in both France and also Italy, for this reason either deserve to be consisted of in the brand stamp. The brand rubber stamp will only specify a city on an imitation Chanel.

10. The bag does no stand upright.

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Upon completion, each Chanel Flap Bag is turned out to save its structured shape. When set down, every slightly rounded corner should rest on the surface and also it have to sit upright. If that tilts or falls forward, that is a fake Chanel bag.


Fake silver Bag & genuine Gold Bag

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