What perform Ralph and his group plan to do to gain Piggy's glasses back? Why space they for this reason concerned around how they will look whey they go to fulfill Jack's group?
They desire to go looking nice through their hair brushed and also cleaned to present that they are not savages and that they average business about being rescued.

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Explain what this i meant, "They taken too fine the liberation right into savagary that concealing paint brought"Boys lost their identification when lock painted your faces. Castle acted like a team of savages.
Is the rivalry between the groups a game? perform the boys think it is serious?It is no a game. The boys begin to become violent through each other. Jack was certainly not playiing by the rules.
Why doesn't Jack's team worry about a signal fire?They want to hunt and also kill him
What is Jack's an answer to Ralph's question, "Which is better-law and rescue or hunting and also breaking things up?"He experienced Piggy death and said, "That's what friend get. Over there isn't a people for you anymore. The conch is gone. Ns am chief." that would rather hunt and break points up.
What is the symbolic an interpretation of the wrong conch?end that democracy and also order ~ above the island
How is Piggy killed?Roger through a feeling of delirious abandonment leaned all his weight on a lever that released a good rock. The rock struck Piggy and also Piggy dropped forty feet and also landed ~ above his back across the square red rock in the sea.
Why does Jack pressure Samneric to sign up with his tribe?He wants to show of his authoritarian power to threaten and terrify rather to follow him. That does not want any difference of opinion.
Why go Ralph recognize he's an outcast?Because he had actually some sense. Samneric to be now component of the tribe. They to be guarding castle Rock against him. There to be no chance of rescuing them and also building an outlaw people at the other end of the island. Samneric to be savages. Piggy was dead. The conch to be smashed right into powder.
How doe Jack plan to death Ralph? exactly how does Ralph uncover out around the plan?Ralph and also Roger are going to hunt him. The people will spread out in a line throughout the island and go forward from this end until they discover Ralph. They have to offer signals if they spot him. Samneric said Ralph.
What execute you think Ralph can do to safeguard himself?He could lug a sharpened spear, hide, or climb.
What was the objective of the stick sharpened ~ above both ends?Put Ralph's head top top a stake prefer the pig and also spear him
Explain what Jack does to pressure Ralph out of the thicket?He tried come smoke him out of the woods and collection the island top top fire.
Why and also how room the guys rescued?by a marine officer
What execute you think would have actually happened come Ralph if the officer had not intervened? What would have happened come the rest of the boys?He would have actually been caught and killed. The others would additionally eventually die.

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Does the officer believe Ralph about the boys who are killed? What did he mean from the brother boys?Yes. The officer knew together a preeminence when people were telling the truth. He though the the British guys would have actually been more civilized and also orderly
Why does Ralph rest down? What doe that realize about mankind in general?Ralph wept for the end of innocence, the darkness the man's heart, and the autumn through the waiting of a true, way friend referred to as Piggy.