When us rockers Cheap trick tried come "out-pop" Abba with a monitor on their 2nd album, the went ~ above to become a surprised hit and the band"s specifying moment


With the separation of bands together as big Star and also The Raspberries, by the mid-70s power pop looked to be heading because that extinction, as prog rock and disco fill the airwaves and also record racks worldwide. Yet with punk absent bringing ‘short however sweet’ song structures back in vogue, a new crop of power pop bands emerged. One such band was Rockford, Illinois’s Cheap Trick. And also it would certainly be a song they’d been working up since their bar days, I want You To want Me, that placed them on the map. However, the song had to wait till it was tape-recorded live, ~ above album number four, to make its impact.

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With the break-up of bands together as large Star and The Raspberries, by the mid-70s power pop looked to be heading for extinction, as prog rock and disco fill the airwaves and record racks worldwide. But with punk rock bringing ‘short however sweet’ track structures earlier in vogue, a brand-new crop of strength pop bands emerged. One such tape was Rockford, Illinois’s Cheap Trick. And it would be a song they’d been functioning up since their bar days, I desire You To want Me, that put them ~ above the map. However, the song had actually to wait until it was videotaped live, on album number four, to do its impact.

According come Cheap cheat bassist Tom Petersson, the song was originally written as a lark through guitarist stack Nielsen:

“My recollection is the he simply did that track as a little of a joke, since at the time as soon as we had done that track there to be a the majority of pop music ~ above the radio – ABBA, and all kinds of things, disco. The thought: ‘I’m just going to execute an over-the-top pop song. I just want to carry out one that’s so stunner – total pop – and also then we’ll execute a heavy version the it’. That didn’t recognize what to be going to take place with it. The idea was to have it like a heavy metal popular music song. Cheap cheat doing ABBA – other than a an extremely heavy version.”

“I simply pictured myself in a big, overstuffed chair, and my dad rotate on the TV; there were prefer three stations. I want to clock Gabby Hayes – he to be a cowboy. I constantly wanted what wasn’t there, so ns think that’s what do me inquisitive transparent my entirety life. When you want Gabby, Gabby’s no there; when you want your dad, your dad is no there. It to be the most basic lyric I might think of. And also I wish i were the stupid an ext often. It’s favor Van Morrison – with few of this old songs it didn’t matter what the lyrics meant, it’s exactly how they sounded.”

The track that has come to be synonymous v power popular music went v an amazing transformation. During sessions for their self-titled 1977 debut through producer Jack Douglas, Cheap cheat laid under an almost punk/garage version of that (Petersson: “It was an ext like The Yardbirds”), but that one was ultimately shelved (it later popped up on the album’s 1998 CD reissue).

For their second album, In Color, later that same year, Cheap cheat revisited the tune – and recorded it as a right recognisable lounge-y variation that fully neutered the infectiousness that the original.

“It turned out that the studio version was not created in the method we would have actually done it.” Petersson says. “And we’ve never ever done it because like the anyway – v a small ‘Shakey’s Pizza Parlour piano’ and also twinky small sounds. It was like, ‘Ugh!’.”

With Cheap Trick building a fanbase by steady touring in the US, native came ago that castle were already superstars in Japan through the release of their 3rd studio record, 1978’s Heaven Tonight. Japanese dates were quickly booked, a sold-out performance at Tokyo’s cavernous Budokan to be recorded, and also Cheap Trick lastly had their critical variation of I want You To want Me.

However, Petersson recalls that the tune didn’t stand out from the fill on the night that was taped in Tokyo:

“That in details was no more of a hit 보다 anything else. Us had, for some reason, had actually several hit singles end there, therefore they were just going bonkers no issue what us did. It wasn’t that they were sitting there politely applauding, and also then every one of a sudden I desire You To desire Me come on and they walk wild, they to be going wild no matter what.”

Nielsen share Petersson’s sentiment: “It was simply as negative as every the various other songs that were the end at the time. It’s hummable and also it’s listenable. Dick… I’ll provide it a 10!”

With 1979’s At Budokan live album racking up superior sales at first as a high-priced Japanese-only import, the bigwigs in ~ Epic got wise and also released the album domestically. A clever move, together the album to be a blockbuster hit, spurred on through the monster success the the live I desire You To want Me together a single.

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“That was surprising,” Petersson confesses. “We didn’t have any type of idea. What we think room going to be hits, we sort of go both means – we think every little thing should be a hit, or we don’t really suppose it. Therefore it’s constantly something the is a surprise, I’ve discovered – like that live record. And it shouldn’t be a surprise, because that’s how we were signed to a record label – human being saw us live, and that was a strong suit the ours. Once we go I want You To want Me ~ above the second album, it sound nothing prefer us and it wasn’t successful. So the turned the end that the live point worked.”

The ‘live thing’ certainly did work for Cheap Trick. The album ultimately sold 3 million in the US, rotate them right into an arena headliner, and also eventually led to the relax of an increased version, At Budokan: The complete Concert, in 1998.

Ever since, I desire You To desire Me has remained in Cheap Trick’s live set each and every night. But, Nielsen says, lock haven’t worn down of play it: “We play come a various audience every night, therefore it’s not prefer you’re play it to somebody who’s heard the every night like we have. The makes human being clap, smile and also have fun. Gee, if we were details bands us wouldn’t do it. But we’re Cheap cheat – it’s an excellent to get applause.”

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