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9 years and also FINALLY she"s drivable, simply in time because that my very first born son.:hurray:My_two_tone_"64Rod HillIT/AG instructorAg. Mechanics, Ag. Power Mechanics, Ag. WoodLos Banos HighLos Banos California
its a 72 chevelle with an edelbrock carb but im plan on putting on a new intake, headers, exhaust, heads. Ns havent restored the vehicle or the engine yet however i want to know around how lot horsepower it will possibly have actually when ns done v it

i would.....but the car and also engine space in texas in ~ my dads house....sooooo in march once we start building the engine ill it is in in here much more often. We"re walk to be doing quite a little bit on engine work-related so i have high wishes for it.
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