When dashboard lights come on, it’s other you have to take seriously. You don’t want to permit a inspect engine light go for months and then have a break down in the center of the street like Penny ~ above “The large Bang Theory.”

At Hebert’s town & country Chrysler evade Jeep ram in Shreveport, Louisiana, we’re right here to help!

We’ll describe four essential dashboard lights that you may run into, what castle mean and also what you deserve to do come ensure your vehicle’s wellness is maintained.

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Check Engine Light

The light is in the shape of an engine and also sometimes has actually the word “CHECK” or “CHECK ENGINE” near it. This light is a cue native the engine’s computer system to permit you understand that other is wrong, even if it is it’s an issue with the catalytic converter or her gas cap is loose. While this light could mean a wide variety of problems, few of them small and some of them large, perform not disregard this light. If the irradiate is on and stays on, gain it watched as shortly as girlfriend can. If the irradiate is flashing, this is one indication that there’s a serious problem that might escalate quickly.

Oil push Warning

This is one of the an ext obvious-looking dashboard lights because it’s an old-school oil can. If this light is on, it’s essential to gain it diagnosed immediately because it’s likely that her oil push is low, i m sorry can reason all type of engine damages if not addressed straightaway.

Powertrain Malfunction

This icon is a gear with an exclamation point inside it. This light is illuminated if there’s a serious problem with her car’s powertrain. Your automobile is in dire need of attention if this light beams at you, so turn the auto off and call your wanted mechanic or organization center come remedy the issue.

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Brake system Alert

This icon looks prefer a circle through an exclamation mark inside it. As soon as your engine is running low ~ above brake fluid, this tiny guy will light up. Short brake liquid is a significant issue so take your auto to a service center as soon as friend can. It’s possible for your anti-lock brake device to breakdown and this irradiate to revolve on accidentally together well. In any kind of case, it’s better to it is in safe than sorry.

The organization Department in ~ Hebert’s city & nation Chrysler evade Jeep lamb can help with every one of these dashboard lights. If one of them come on, offer us a call or swing by the dealership and also we’ll take treatment of it because that you!