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August 25, 2017 by laurie 7 Comments


Just the other day i was using my curling iron and I realized the it to be not functioning as I essential it to since of every one of the “gunk” that had accumulated on it. I chose that it to be time to provide it a good cleaning so I believed I would certainly share a couple of ways that you deserve to clean your curling iron or level iron with products that girlfriend probably already have ~ above hand in ~ home.

Nail polishing Remover – saturation a cotton round with nail Polish remover and also rub the cotton sphere over the surface of a cool, unplugged curling steel or level iron. To wash clean and also dry.

Rubbing Alcohol – pour a couple of drops of rubbing alcohol top top a cotton ball and also rub over the surface the a cool, unplugged curling iron or level iron. Rinse clean and dry.

Easy-Off stove Cleaner – come clean a curling iron that is heavily crusted through mousse, gelatin or hairspray, unplug the curling or flat iron and also let the cool completely. Spray it with Easy-Off over Cleaner and let the sit for about 5 minutes. Then wipe clean.

Scrubbing Bubbles – to clean her curling or flat iron, you can spray Scrubbing bubbles on one unplugged, cooled iron and let the sit because that a few minutes prior to wiping with a clean record towel dampened v water and then wiping it dry.

Johnson’s infant Shampoo – utilizing a damp, soft cloth, rub a few drops the Johnson’s infant Shampoo over the develop up on your curling steel or flat iron. To wash clean and also then dry.

Hand Sanitizer – You have the right to clean the residue native a curling or level iron by coating the unplugged appliance with Hand Sanitizer. Wait a couple of minutes before cleaning off and also rinsing and also drying.

Ammonia – pour a tiny ammonia onto a cotton sphere or use a soft toothbrush and also gently scrub her curling or flat iron until clean. Rinse and also dry.

Baking Soda – Make a dough of three components baking soda to one part water ( prefer distilled water however you can use tap water) and rub over an unplugged curling or level iron v a soft rag or toothbrush. Rinse clean and dry.

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If you desire to acquisition a curling steel cleaner girlfriend can try this Hot devices Curling iron Cleaner

Now….to save your curling iron or flat iron clean after ~ each use wipe that down with a wet rag or a cotton round saturated through alcohol. Hope this will assist it no to get all “gunky” choose mine did!


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