San Antonio is far enough north of the equator where bitter-cold temperatures and also snowfall room not out of the kingdom of possibility. But we additionally sit close enough to the Gulf of Mexico that far-reaching winter weather doesn’t happen very often. So, to watch San Antonio’s all-time document low temperature is shocking, also to a meteorologist. Zero. Yes, mountain Antonio dropped all the means down to zero levels on the morning that January 31, 1949. Together you would expect, it took a rare mix of occasions to obtain the mercury the low.

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First, a small perspective. Right here are san Antonio’s coldest readings, since records have been kept. Notice that January 30, 1949, the day prior, also ranks in the height 3.

JANUARY 31, 1949
FEBRUARY 12, 1899
JANUARY 30, 1949
DECEMBER 23, 1989
FEBRUARY 2, 1951

It take away a powerfully cold airmass come surge deep into South Texas. That was the instance as a substantial front blew through just days before. Take a look at this archived weather map from January 30th, 1949, courtesy the NOAA.

A cold airmass had resolved into Texas on January 30th

You have the right to see a cold prior which has pushed all the means into central Mexico. Yet even the coldest the airmasses i will not ~ be enough to reason temperatures to plummet come zero in southern Texas. That took another component: snow. The cold waiting behind it would certainly coincide v an overrunning pattern developing widespread snow for central and south Texas. Austin received 5-7 inches, while san Antonio reported 4 inches on the ground. The pictures below show a blanket of snow over mountain Antonio.

Photos courtesy of UTSA Libraries distinct Collections

Just like in the northern component of the country, eye on the ground frequently acts to bring temperatures also lower. The eye releases any type of energy or warmth into the atmosphere, resulting in rapid cooling. That’s what occurred the morning the January 31, 1949. It led to San Antonio come be colder than numerous places in the nation, consisting of locations well to ours north. As for other sites nearby, that was also a record-setting day.

San Marcos-2°

It has not been due to the fact that December 23, 1989 that mountain Antonio has even dropped below 10°, making 1949′s rarely arctic reading all the much more impressive.

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Justin Horne

Justin Horne is a meteorologist and also reporter because that 12 News. As soon as severe weather roll through, Justin will hop in the 12 Storm Chaser come safely bring you the recent weather conditions from across South Texas. On height of delivering an accurate forecast, Justin frequently reports on one of his favorite topics: Texas history.

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