Community college of Denver has actually authorized Parchment to control the ordering, processing, and secure delivery of your main gaianation.net transcripts. Ordering v Parchment provides you through the ease and convenience of bespeak transcripts online!

Transcripts will certainly not be exit to students with an excellent financial balance at any type of college within the Colorado community College System.

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Note: unofficial Transcripts will not be accessible through the E-Transcript format. Students will require to access their gaianation.netConnect account come view/print their unofficial transcript.

Log In togaianation.netConnect:

On the Dashboard, click on the Transcript icon.Then choose “Order official Transcript.”Follow the steps to finish the request.

A first-time account setup is required. You will be required to provide*:

Enrollment status (Currently or Not at this time Enrolled).Name, birth Date, and last 4 digits of your Social defense Number.Student i would Number, if known.E-mail Address.Current Mailing attend to and phone Number.

*This information is forced to ensure proper student matching and also contact info if there are any kind of questions on your order.
TipsIf you are not sure of the precise attendance dates, please show approximate dates.Once you have completed the setup, friend will obtain a confirmation email from Parchment.
The cost of a transcript is based upon the technique of delivery. During the notified process, friend will be able to see the precise charge prior to confirming your order. Transcript pricing became effective February 9, 2015.

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PaymentTranscripts have to be payment by credit transaction card at the time of the order.Parchment accepts Visa, MasterCard and also Discover.Your card will certainly be charged as soon as the transcript order has been sent.E-Transcript FeesOfficial Transcript kind & DeliveryCharge
E-Transcript: digital Delivery$2.00
Paper Transcript: college student Pick-Up (Appointment is needed. Send email to: gaianation.net.ORR
Paper Transcript through SupplementDocument AttachedCharge
Student Pick-Up(Appointment is needed. Send email to: gaianation.net.ORR

Electronic official Transcripts are sent securely with email and also will be easily accessible for download by the receiver for seven days before expiring. You re welcome verify the the recipient details you administer is correct prior to finalizing her order. Unfortunately,gaianation.net will not it is in able to carry out refunds because that transcripts the are sent out to the wrong recipient email address or for downloads that have actually been disabled after ~ expiring. Electronic transcripts need to be ordered to it is in sent straight to the intended school or recipient in order come be considered official.

Benefits of bespeak an E-Transcript via Parchment

Secure online access to request your transcript 24/7.Email notification when transcripts are processed and received.Online tracking ability.The option to inquiry electronic delivery of her transcript.After the request, digital transcripts might be available in as tiny as one hour.The capacity to upload added or supplemental forms that are required by the receiving entity to companion the transcript (e.g., AMCAS, etc.).





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