Want a mind-meltingly quick flurry of notes? You've involved the best place. Join the world's most nimble-fingered (and footed) musicians because that this Rimsky-Korsakov extravaganza.

Presto. Let"s begin

Before we do anything, let"s inspect the score. As you can see, there space notes. Numerous notes. Us all know exactly how they sound. Actually, it doesn"t watch terribly outstanding on the web page (we were type of expecting hemidemisemiquavershere), however do note the tempo...

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Flute versionJaymee Coonjobeeharry ~ above flute and pianist frederic Bager pat a fiendish plan of Rimsky-Korsakov"s most famed piece.

Astonishing virtuosity through 7-year-oldTsungTsung

The nimble fingers and also beaming laugh of this particularly talented youngster have alreadyracked up numerous YouTube views. His awe-inducing readings of the piano"s many virtuosic pieces have to be watched to believed. This"Bumblebee" will leave girlfriend stunned.

Record-breaking David Garrett

The superstar violinist is right here to kick points off. And he looks as cool, calm and accumulated as usual, however it all sounds as if Usain Bolt trod ~ above a beehive, and also now they"re ~ him. Girlfriend nailed it, David.

The sensational Yuja Wang

In this concert native the cult piano star, the audience were going crazy and there was only one encore for it: an significant hand-blurring, double-octave tourism de force. Whammy.

Russia"s nationwide Orchestra takes it on

Rimsky-Korsakov"sstocking-filler is originally from one operabased on a city by Aleksandr Pushkin (with the ever-so-slightly-wordy title The tale of Tsar Saltan, that his child the Renowned and Mighty Bogatyr Prince Gvidon Saltanovich and also of the Beautiful Princess-Swan). We"re certain it"s a an excellent two-and-a-half hours, yet we"re just here to check out that rapid bit.

Virtuoso expectations at the Los Angeles guitar Academy

As if over there hasn"t been sufficient finger-crushing already, let"s gain some string-on-string and also fret-on-fret action in there as well. Inspect out the ear-to-the-fretboard check out for best wowgasm.

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The feet of Dr. Carol Williams

Enough of fingers - time because that feet. This organist bring the avalanche of notes to the pedalboard the a massive pipe organ, and also gets rather a exercise herself. Rubber stamp on those pedals, Carol! Faster!


So, if it"s all been as well much and also you"re yearning because that an Adagio, there"s constantly this. (We perhaps have to say us love bumblebees, really.)