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Country music is one of the most overtly emotionally genres that music. Yes, some nation songs favor “Save a Horse, journey a Cowboy” and “She think My Tractor’s Sexy” are an ext silly 보다 serious. However for every novelty nation song, there are a dozen much more that discover heartfelt emotion.

There’s a factor why numerous people choose country songs for funeral playlists. It’s due to the fact that of the plainspoken emotional heft they have.

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When you miss someone, listening come a track that shares your emotions can make you feel less alone. Here’s a roundup that the 40 finest country songs to listen to as soon as you miss out on someone.

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Country Songs around Missing someone You Love

There are a many reasons you can miss someone. It can be due to the fact that they moved. It could be because of a breakup. Or it could be since they died. No matter the reason, girlfriend may draw comfort native these nation songs around missing someone.

1. "Where do I placed Her Memory?" by Charley Pride

It’s unclear even if it is the relationship in this song ended since of a breakup or a death. Either way, it’s a emotional ode to lacking the daily presence of someone you as soon as loved.

2. "Best I’ve ever before Had” through Gary Allan

Allan’s covering of a upright Horizon track honors his so late wife. The adds poignancy to what could otherwise be a breakup song.

3. "Only a Dream" by mar Chapin Carpenter

This song is around a young girl watching her older brother flee your unhappy home and leaving her behind. It’s understated and also incredibly sad.

4. "Out that the Woods" through Nickel Creek

The ethereal harmonies the this country-folk trio improve the wistful and also abstract lyrics of this song.

5. "I Drive her Truck" through Lee Brice

In this tearjerker, the narrator drives a truck that belonged come his brothers who has actually died. This is the means he enables himself to miss him and also grieve.

6. "Every light in the House" by map Adkins

The narrator in this song assures to leave a light on in situation his ex-wife alters her mind and also wants come come home. However he misses she so much, he pipeline every irradiate on instead.

7. "I Will always Love You" by Dolly Parton

Before Whitney Houston belted this track, Dolly sang it as a country tune.

8. "Don’t Think ns Don’t Think around It" by Darius Rucker

The narrator in this song is the one who broke someone’s heart. Year later, he looks earlier on it with regret.

9. "Paint Me a Birmingham" by Tracy Lawrence

In this throwback country song, the narrator asks one artist to paint him ago in his lover’s arm.

10. "I Still miss out on Someone" by Johnny Cash

Cash’s sonorous, doleful tone infuses this track through regret.

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Country Songs around Missing Someone much Away

They say absence makes the heart thrive fonder. But that doesn’t make a separation any type of easier to transaction with. These song will aid you cope with absent someone girlfriend can’t hold close.

11. "The tune Remembers When" by Trisha Yearwood

This song is all around how you deserve to be separated from who by time and distance, yet still feel connected.

12. "Come ago … be Here" by Taylor Swift

Before she was a pop powerhouse, Swift developed her incisive songwriting capability in nation music. This tune tells the story that fragile an initial love facility by distance.

13. "Carrying your Love with Me" by George Strait

In this sweet nation classic, Strait croons the no issue how far away the travels, he always brings his partner’s love through him.

14. "Carolina" by PARMALEE

Musicians need to spend months on the road away from your loved ones. This track talks about missing house when residence is really a human being you love.

15. "Leaving on a Jet Plane" by john Denver

This song around having to leave love behind has actually been taped by countless artists. However the original country version by songwriter john Denver is a standard for an excellent reason. In a somewhat ironic twist, Denver later perished in a aircraft crash.

16. "Saginaw, Michigan" by Lefty Frizzell

In this jaunty sixties tune, a young working-class male panning for gold in Alaska longs to return to his love in Saginaw. The is there because the father of the mrs he loves will certainly not permit her come marry a negative man.

But in the end, he"s vindicated. That tricks she disapproving father into trading areas with him and marries his love.

17. "Strawberry Wine" by Deanna Carter

Sometimes us miss human being when they’re geographically much away from us. Occasionally though, us miss world from our past. This nostalgic track around a sun-drenched very first love falls into the last category.

18. "I’m already There" by Lonestar

In this tear-jerking tune, a father on the roadway for job-related talks around missing his family.

19. "Travelin’ Soldier" by Dixie Chicks

This tragic song tells the tale of two adolescents in love. At first, castle are just separated by distance but later they end up being separated by death.

20. "If Hollywood Don’t need You" through Don Williams

While the narrator of this song wishes his former flame well, he is likewise somewhat hoping points don’t work-related out. He says if they decide to come back, he"ll be waiting with open arms.

Country Songs around Missing who You Shouldn’t

Even if we know someone is bad news, occasionally we can’t help but love them anyway. These country songs can aid you acquire through lacking someone girlfriend love for every the dorn reasons.

21. "I autumn To Pieces" by Patsy Cline

This tune is around a mrs whose former flame no much longer loves her even though she tho adores him. He desires to stay friends, but she misses what they as soon as had.

22. "Need girlfriend Now" by Lady Antebellum

This song around missing an ex-lover contains the lyrics “Guess I’d fairly hurt than feel nothing at all.” Those lyrics perfectly explain you could miss someone you understand is terrible for you.

23. "Smoke rings in the Dark" by Gary Allan

In this song, this singer is preparing to leave a woman who doesn’t love that anymore. It’s a powerful meditation on absent someone who is right alongside you.

24. "Can’t let Go" by Lucinda Williams

This thrumming track cautions of the danger that comes once you chain yourself to someone who doesn’t love you.

25. "Never had It therefore Good" by mar Chapin Carpenter

This mid-tempo track talks about how difficult it is to miss someone that is happier without you.

26. "I’ll Just hold On" by Blake Shelton

The mrs in this song hasn’t left yet, yet the narrator already knows her wandering heart will take she away eventually. Even if he’s through her now, it’s only a issue of time before he’ll miss out on her again.

27. "Come Over” by Kenny Chesney

The text “We’re poor for every other, yet we ain’t good for anyone else” do this track an obvious an option for this category.

28. "Springsteen" through Eric Church

This nostalgic track about a teenage love affair. It is an additional song whereby the distance is measure in years rather of miles.

29. "Whiskey Lullaby" by Brad Paisley and also Allison Krauss

In this haunting duet, a man and also a woman miss each other so much, lock drink themselves to death. It’s the ultimate song around missing who in methods that are bad for you.

30. "You to be Mine" by Dixie Chicks

If there’s someone you shouldn’t miss, it’s the man who leaves his marriage and children for an additional woman. Yet love doesn’t always make sense.

Upbeat country Songs about Missing Someone

While a many of world like come cry it out when they miss out on someone, other civilization prefer to stay positive. This upbeat country songs will lift your spirits once you’re emotion low.

31. "Believe" through Brooks & Dunn

This bittersweet tune tells the tale of an old male who wishes that in fatality he’ll be rejoined with his wife and son. Also though he pipeline behind world who miss him, he find comfort in his belief around what waits for him

32. "Every Time ns Hear the Song" by Blake Shelton

This track is about a breakup, yet the driving mid-tempo beat and howling chorus bring a sense of optimism.

33. "Too Busy missing You" by Trent Summar & the brand-new Row Mob

This rollicking, raucous track breakthroughs the theory that missing a lost love is a full-time job. It’s a actual barn burner the a breakup song.

34. "You acquired the Car" through Kasey Chambers

The fast tempo and witty stop will obtain your toes tapping, even as Chambers swears to rest her very own heart prior to her lover can.

35. "I desire Crazy" by Hunter Hayes

In this country-pop gem, the narrator books a one-way trip to visit his girl because he doesn’t want to miss out on her anymore.

36. "Save It because that a merganser Day" by Kenny Chesney

In this toe-tapper, Chesney bring away a day off from lacking an ex and also soaks increase the sunlight instead.

37. "I Still miss out on You" by Keith Anderson

Even despite this tune is about a breakup, its optimistic tempo has actually turned it right into a bonafide country anthem.

38. "Bathroom Floor by Maddie & Tae

This song proves the all you require to aid you stop absent someone is a pair of girlfriend to choose you up.

39. "Break up in the End" by Cole Swindell

Though this track sounds favor a breakup ballad, it has an uplifting message. Even knowing the connection would end, the narrator would gladly do it all over again.

40. "Miss Me More" through Kelsea Ballerini

In this girl-power anthem, the narrator realizes it’s no her ex she misses. Instead, it’s the girl she was before she changed herself for him.

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Listening to Remember and also Cope

Country music is often about emotional subjects, for this reason it’s the perfect genre as soon as you miss someone. While friend can always read books on grief to aid you cope with the fatality of a love one, song can help you cure too.

Whether you’re absent some much away or a deceased loved one there’s a nation song for you. Hopefully, it’ll assist you miss out on them a little less. If you"re craving more songs about missing someone, check out our guide on the finest songs around missing someone across all genres.