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Kent J. Moore

Fam Pract Manag. 2002 Jun;9(6):21-22.

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Can a different evaluation and management (E/M) password be report in addition to another service code? for instance, if an created patient come in with a hand laceration, have the right to I submit codes because that the office visit (e.g., 99212) and also the laceration repair (e.g., 12001), or should I simply submit the code for the laceration repair?

When you administer a significant, individually identifiable E/M company to a patience on the same day of a procedure or various other service, you may report the E/M organization separately by adding modifier -25, “Significant, independently identifiable organization by the same doctor on the exact same day that the procedure or other service.” The E/M organization may be prompted by the symptom or condition for i m sorry the procedure or other service was likewise provided. The visit need to be fully documented to support both the reported level the E/M service and the procedure. It"s also helpful to plainly label the procedure portion of the note in case the insurer asks to review the note prior to authorizing payment.

In her example, friend referenced code 12001, i m sorry is a starred (*) procedure in CPT. According to CPT, a starred procedure is a minor operation procedure through no associated pre- and postoperative services consisted of in the service. It"s crucial to note that at an early stage visit v a new patient, if no significant, independently identifiable company is perform in enhancement to a starred procedure, password 99025, “Initial (new patient) visit as soon as starred (*) operation procedure constitutes significant service at that visit,” can be reported v the starred procedure. Report 99025 shows that the three vital components that a brand-new patient E/M organization were no provided, yet an abbreviated history was taken and the document was created for the new patient. Insurers vary in their acknowledgment of the starred procedure guidelines and code 99025. For example, Medicare go not differentiate starred actions from other procedures, and also it majority 99025 with the procedure.

We routinely do a vision check as part of an annual exam, however we perform not charge separately for it. Can we send 99173, “Screening test of visual acuity, quantitative, bilateral,” for the test, or perform you introduce another method for reimbursing the time our clinical assistant spends law the vision test?

CPT code 99173 might be reported individually when various other identifiable solutions unrelated come this screening check (e.g., preventive medication services) are noted at the exact same time. However, 99173 might not be reported individually when acuity is measure as part of a general ophthalmologic business or one E/M company of the eye, since the test is then taken into consideration diagnostic fairly than screening.

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Note the a hearing screening test excellent on calibrated electronic equipment (e.g., 92551, “Screening test, pure tone, air only”) would likewise be independently reportable once done as component of an yearly exam.