“Jones” (Season 2, illustration 18)

Watch JJ and also Will’s first meeting and also his instant interest in her. It might have taken she a bit more time, however she was the one to suggest they continue to be in touch once the situation ended.

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“In Heat” (Season 3, illustration 17)

Remember when JJ believed she can keep her and also Will’s partnership from a team of profilers? She spent the illustration trying to continue the charade (she didn’t establish the others knew), till she finally chose to recognize she was worried around it coming to be “real” and getting hurt. “I don’t desire to operation anymore, not from you,” she said him.


“Lo-Fi” (Season 3, illustration 20)

When will flew to new York because he to be worried about the instance the team was working, JJ revealed come the team the she to be pregnant. Despite they had a lot to figure out at the moment (like marriage and also their jobs), they placed the significant topics on organize to “argue about names and cribs” in the quick time lock had.


“Hit” and also “Run” (Season 7, episodes 23 and 24)

JJ’s family members took center stage in the two-part finale. First, she watched will certainly hand self over to bank robbers who wanted revenge for the fatality of among their own. Then, she battled one of the UnSubs in her very own home. And also finally, ~ he’d to be strapped to a bomb, she asked the to suggest to her again. The season finished with your wedding in Rossi’s backyard.


“200” (Season 9, episode 14)

Easily among the hardest episodes of the collection for JJ — her connection with Will could not have been as prominent, but we tho felt their love (and learned the heartbreaking news the she lost her baby).


“Sick Day” (Season 12, illustration 2)

JJ returned home from a tough case involving kids and talked it through with will certainly in an all-night conversation that included them reminiscing, him bandaging her hand, and also him reminding her she’s a hero.

“The high Man” (Season 14, illustration 5)

After returning from a instance in her hometown, JJ was happy to take in the photo of her husband and kids top top the couch. No matter what happens in the last season, we don’t have actually many an ext chances for happy domestic scenes favor the ones that bookended the investigation.

Criminal Minds might have yielded quite the shocking confession of love indigenous JJ (A.J. Cook) come Reid (Matthew Gray Gubler) in the Season 14 finale, but over 13 seasons, us watched her and Will (Josh Stewart) meet, fall in love, and also build a life together.

And us can’t forget that, also as we look forward and also wonder just how the CBS drama’s last season is walking to attend to the fallout of JJ informing Reid she’s always loved him and also not taking it back.

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Click v the gallery above for the best episodes highlighting JJ and also Will’s relationship over the 14 seasons.

Criminal Minds, 15th and also Final Season, coming Soon, CBS

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