lid Kumar leaving a discuss Dance India dance 5 (2015) Winner Name, Judges & Contestants Details

As we all recognize that dance India run Season 5 aired on TV from 27th of June 2015 and it will take time come announce the name of Dance India run Season 5 (2015) Winner Name. However below on this web page I will certainly share the name of go season 5 contestants along with eliminated contestants. So, the all the reader of “XYJ” have the right to guess who is the intended winner of the run India run Season 5, rather of this i am going come share the surname of walk 2015 judges together the dashboard of judges is readjusted once again.

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So, before we start once again would favor to notified you we have to wait because that the winner of dance india run (DID) season 5 as soon as the finale date & winner is announced ns will update the winner name through his photograph as soon as i can.

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Till climate you have the right to read “Dance India run Winners list of All seasons 1,2,3,4,5,6”

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Dance India dance (DID) Season 5 Winner Name with Image

Dance India run finale day is declared which is 11th October 2015 and also the season 5 that DID winner by the “Proneeta Swargiary”from the team of “Puneet Ke Panthers” the winner moment image is fastened below.


Dance India dance (DID) Season 5 Winning minute Video


Dance India dance Season 5 Judges Names

Muddassar KhanGaiti SiddiquiPunit PatahkMithun Charavarty (As Grand master )

Dance India run Season 5 Judges Names through Image


Dance India dance Season 5 Contestants Name v Photo

Dance India dance Season 5 Contestants Image

Dance India dance Season 5 Contestants & Team Name

Punit Ke PanthersGaiti Ke GangstersMudasar ki Mandali
Anuradha IyengarAnila RajanAshish Vashisht
Kaushik MandalNirmal TamangHaroon Rao
Saddam Hussain Sheikh RazakPriya Varunesh KumarPankaj Thapa
Shruti SinhaSahil AdanayaProneeta Swargiary
Vicky AlhatShweta PoojarySadhwi Majumder

All the contestant’s significant with red are removed from the show. So, now you can share that is her favorite dancer and who will won the run India run Season 5 in comment box.