Del’s Lemonade, a lemony slush made of water, sugar, lemon juice and chunks the rind, has come to be a Rhode Island cultural icon often seen in ~ wedding receptions, birthday parties, bar mitzvahs and troop deployments and also homecomings.

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Del’s Lemonade, a lemony slush make of water, sugar, lemon juice and chunks of rind, has come to be a Rhode Island social icon regularly seen at wedding receptions, date of birth parties, bar mitzvahs and also troop deployments and also homecomings.

PROVIDENCE, R.I. – If summer in Rhode Island has actually a taste, the lemon – or, rather, Del’s Frozen Lemonade.

The lemony slush is naught fancy: It’s made of water, sugar, lemon juice and also includes actual chunks the rind. Yet what comes in that waxy green-and-yellow document cup – picturing a snow-topped lemon – has become a social icon in the state.

“Stop at the authorize of the Lemon” is the slogan. And, in ~ the an initial hint of warm weather, civilization do. At parks, beaches, downtown Providence street corners, store parking lots and anywhere else a Del’s cart or truck franchisee sets increase shop. On 90-degree days, Del’s is nothing brief of a comfort food.

The frozen drink usually comes there is no a spoon, and also none is needed: Sip, squeeze out the cup, then slurp again. The lemonade will melt just enough from the heat of your hand, or the summer day.

Lemon is the original and also top-selling flavor, however it also comes in watermelon, cherry, blueberry, grapefruit, peach-mango and, this year for the very first time, lime. (Flavors that never made it encompass carrot and also cantaloupe.)

Because Del’s is, well, so Rhode Island, it’s not unexplained to watch the van or carts in ~ wedding receptions – you have the right to spike the – date of birth parties, bar mitzvahs, and troop deployments and also homecomings.

As a taste of home, a mix-at-home Del’s powder – available in supermarkets – has even been transport to neighborhood soldiers in Afghanistan and Iraq, claimed Joe Padula, the company’s executive vice president, who likes to say he started his job at Del’s once he to be 7, picking up trash in the parking most the flagship ar in Cranston.

The so late Angelo DeLucia opened up the very first Del’s in 1948. After he came earlier from world War II, he functioned as a dental technician for a time, then opened up a bowling alley. To help pay the bills, he opened a 10-by-10-foot wood stand following door and started offering the lemonade. After ~ a few years, the business ended up being a full-time job.

The means the family tells it, DeLucia gained the recipe from his grandfather, who sold a comparable fruit ice cream at industries in Naples, Italy, in the 1840s. It’s stated he offered snow he accumulated in winter and also stored in a cave, insulated through straw.

Del’s, quiet family-run through DeLucia’s son, Bruce, now has about 22 store places in Rhode Island and Massachusetts, follow to Padula, and the product is accessible in more than a dozen states. You can get it in Los Angeles, las Vegas, Miami, even Puerto Rico. Many of the franchisees have Rhode Island roots.

Last year, video camer Crockford, previously of Portsmouth, Rhode Island, started marketing Del’s ~ above the streets of brand-new York City after refurbishing a 1949 Chevy action van it is a throwback come the original Del’s truck. “It’s together if you are stepping approximately Angelo DeLucia’s an initial Del’s was standing in 1948,” he claims on his website.

Summer is practically here – protect against at the sign of the lemon.

If you walk

DEL’S: 1260 Oaklawn Ave., Cranston, (401) 463-6190,

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Other R.I. Locations: 2050 Warwick Ave., Warwick, (401) 732-0386, and 170 Mendon Road, Cumberland, (401) 274-1708.