by Ellen G. White

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thing 1: "God through Us"

And the word was make flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory, the glory together of the only begotten that the Father,) complete of grace and also truth. — man 1:14Illustration © Pacific press Publ. Assoc.

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"His surname shall be dubbed Immanuel, ... Godwith us." "The irradiate of the understanding of the glory of God" isseen "in the face of Jesus Christ." indigenous the days of eternity theLord Jesus Christ to be one v the Father; He to be "the picture of God,"the photo of His greatness and majesty, "the outshining that Hisglory." It to be to manifest this glory the He came to our world. Come thissin-darkened planet He pertained to reveal the irradiate of God"s love,—to be"God with us." therefore it was prophesied the Him, "His nameshall be called Immanuel." DA 19.1

By comes to dwell v us, Jesus to be to disclose God both tomen and also to angels. The was the word of God,—God"s assumed madeaudible. In His prayer because that His disciples he says, "I have asserted untothem your name,"—"merciful and also gracious, long-suffering, andabundant in goodness and truth,"—"that the love wherewithThou hast loved Me might be in them, and also I in them." however not alone because that Hisearthborn youngsters was this revelation given. Our tiny world is the lessonbook of the universe. God"s wonderful function of grace, the an enig ofredeeming love, is the theme into which "angels desire to look," andit will be their examine throughout countless ages. Both the redeemed <20>and the unfallen us will find in the cross of Christ their scientific research andtheir song. It will certainly be seen that the glory bright in the challenge of Jesus is theglory that self-sacrificing love. In the irradiate from Calvary it will certainly be checked out thatthe regulation of self-renouncing love is the legislation of life for earth and heaven; the thelove which "seeketh no her own" has actually its resource in the love of God;and the in the meek and also lowly One is materialized the personality of him whodwelleth in the irradiate which no male can method unto. DA 19.2

In the beginning, God was revealed in every the functions ofcreation. It to be Christ that spread the heavens, and laid the structures ofthe earth. It was His hand the hung the human beings in space, and fashioned theflowers of the field. "His toughness setteth quick the mountains.""The sea is His, and also He made it." Psalm 65:6; 95:5. It to be He thatfilled the planet with beauty, and the air with song. And also upon all things inearth, and air, and also sky, He created the post of the Father"s love. DA 20.1

Now sin has marred God"s perfect work, yet that handwritingremains. Also now all created things declare the glory that His excellence. Thereis nothing, conserve the selfish love of man, that stays unto itself. No bird thatcleaves the air, no pet that moves upon the ground, but ministers to someother life. There is no leaf of the forest, or lowly blade of grass, however hasits ministry. Every tree and shrub and leaf pours soon that facet of lifewithout which neither man nor pet could live; and also man and also animal, in turn,minister come the life the tree and shrub and leaf. The flowers breathe fragranceand unfold your beauty in blessing <21> to the world. The sunsheds its light to gladden a thousand worlds. The ocean, chin the source ofall our springs and also fountains, receives the streams indigenous every land, however takesto give. The mists ascending from its bosom fall in showers come water the earth,that that may carry forth and also bud. DA 20.2

The angels that glory find their joy in giving,—givinglove and tireless watchcare to souls that are fallen and unholy. Heavenly beingswoo the understanding of men; they carry to this dark human being light native the courtsabove; through gentle and patient to adjust they relocate upon the human being spirit, to bringthe lost into a fellowship v Christ which is also closer than theythemselves can know. DA21.1

But transforming from all lesser representations, we behold Godin Jesus. Looking unto Jesus we see that the is the glory of our God to give."I perform nothing that Myself," claimed Christ; "the living Father hathsent Me, and also I live through the Father." "I seek not Mine very own glory,"but the glory of that that sent out Me. Man 8:28; 6:57; 8:50; 7:18. In these wordsis set forth the good principle i beg your pardon is the law of life because that the universe. Allthings Christ obtained from God, however He required to give. Therefore in the heavenly courts,in His ministry for all created beings: v the beloved Son, the Father"slife flows the end to all; through the kid it returns, in praise and joyousservice, a tide of love, come the good Source the all. And thus v Christthe circuit that beneficence is complete, representing the personality of the greatGiver, the legislation of life. DA21.2

In heaven itself this legislation was broken. Sin source inself-seeking. Lucifer, the covering cherub, wanted to be very first in heaven. Hesought to gain regulate of heavenly beings, to draw them away from theirCreator, and also to win their homage to himself. Because of this he misrepresented God, <22>attributing come Him the desire for self-exaltation. With his very own evilcharacteristics that sought come invest the love Creator. Therefore he deceived angels.Thus the deceived men. The led them come doubt words of God, and to distrust Hisgoodness. Due to the fact that God is a God that justice and also terrible majesty, Satan causedthem come look top top Him together severe and also unforgiving. Therefore he drew men to sign up with himin rebellion against God, and also the night that woe resolved down upon the world. DA 21.3

The planet was dark v misapprehension that God. That thegloomy shadows might be lightened, that the human being might it is in brought ago to God,Satan"s deceptive power was to it is in broken. This might not be excellent by force. Theexercise of force is contrary to the ethics of God"s government; the desiresonly the organization of love; and also love cannot be commanded; it cannot be won byforce or authority. Only by love is love awakened. To recognize God is to love Him;His character should be materialized in contrast to the personality of Satan. Thiswork only one gift in every the universe could do. Only He who knew the heightand depth that the love the God could make the known. Upon the world"s dark nightthe sunlight of Righteousness must rise, "with heal in His wings."Malachi 4:2. DA 22.1

The arrangement for ours redemption was not an afterthought, a planformulated ~ the fall of Adam. It to be a revelation the "the mysterywhich afoot been preserved in silence through times eternal." Romans 16:25, R.V. It was an unfolding the the values that indigenous eternal ages have been thefoundation of God"s throne. Native the beginning, God and Christ knew that theapostasy the Satan, and also of the loss of male through the deceptive power of theapostate. God did not ordain that sin need to exist, but He foresaw itsexistence, and also made supplication to satisfy the devastating emergency. So good was Hislove for the world, that He covenanted to offer His only-begotten Son,"that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, however have everlastinglife." man 3:16. DA22.2

Lucifer had said, "I will exalt mine throne over thestars the God; ... I will be favor the most High." Isaiah 14:13,14. But Christ, "being in the form of God, count it no a thing to it is in graspedto be on an equality with God, yet emptied Himself, acquisition the form of aservant, being made in the likeness of men." Philippians 2:6, 7, R. V.,margin. DA 22.3

This was a voluntary sacrifice. Jesus might have continued to be atthe Father"s side. He might have retained the glory the heaven, and also the homageof the angels. However He chose to give earlier the scepter into <23> theFather"s hands, and also to action down native the throne that the universe, that He mightbring irradiate to the benighted, and also life to the perishing. DA 22.4

Nearly two thousand year ago, a voice of secret importwas heard in heaven, from the throne the God, "Lo, ns come.""Sacrifice and also offering she wouldest not, yet a human body hast you preparedMe. ... Lo, ns come (in the volume that the publication it is created of Me,)to perform Thy will, O God." Hebrews 10:5-7. In this words is announced thefulfillment the the function that had been covert from eternal ages. Christ wasabout to visit our world, and to end up being incarnate. The says, "A human body hastThou ready Me." had actually He showed up with the glory that was His with theFather before the civilization was, we could not have endured the irradiate of Hispresence. The we can behold it and not it is in destroyed, the manifestation ofHis glory was shrouded. His divinity to be veiled with humanity,—theinvisible glory in the visible human form. DA 23.1

This good purpose had been shadowed forth in species andsymbols. The burning bush, in i m sorry Christ appeared to Moses, revealed God. Thesymbol favored for the representation of the deity was a lowly shrub, thatseemingly had no attractions. This enshrined the Infinite. The all-merciful Godshrouded His glory in a most humble type, the Moses could look upon the andlive. For this reason in the column of cloud by day and also the shaft of fire by night, Godcommunicated through Israel, revealing to guys His will, and imparting come them Hisgrace. God"s glory to be subdued, and also His majesty veiled, that the weak vision offinite men might behold it. For this reason Christ was to come in "the body of ourhumiliation" (Philippians 3:21, R. V.), "in the likeness ofmen." In the eye of the people He own no beauty the they shoulddesire Him; yet He to be the incarnate God, the irradiate of heaven and also earth. Hisglory was veiled, His greatness and majesty were hidden, the He might drawnear to sorrowful, tempted men. DA 23.2

God commanded Moses because that Israel, "Let them make Me asanctuary; that I might dwell amongst them" (Exodus 25:8), and also He abode in thesanctuary, in the middle of His people. V all your weary hike in thedesert, the prize of His presence was with them. Therefore Christ set up Histabernacle in the middle of our human being encampment. He pitched His time by theside of the tents the men, the He can dwell among us, and also make united state familiarwith His magnificent character and life. "The Word came to be flesh, andtabernacled amongst us (and us beheld His glory, glory together of <24> theOnly Begotten indigenous the Father), full of grace and also truth." man 1:14, R.V., margin. DA 23.3

Since Jesus pertained to dwell v us, we know that God isacquainted v our trials, and also sympathizes through our griefs. Every son anddaughter the Adam may recognize that our Creator is the girlfriend of sinners. Forin every doctrine of grace, every promise the joy, every deed that love, everydivine attraction gift in the Saviour"s life top top earth, we see "God v us." DA24.1

Satan to represent God"s legislation of love as a legislation of selfishness.He declares that it is difficult for united state to obey its precepts. The loss of ourfirst parents, with all the sore that has actually resulted, the charges upon the Creator,leading guys to watch upon God as the writer of sin, and also suffering, and also death.Jesus was to unveil this deception. As one of us He was to give an example ofobedience. Because that this He took upon himself our nature, and passed through ourexperiences. "In all things it behooved him to it is in made choose unto Hisbrethren." Hebrews 2:17. If we had actually to be affected by each other anything which Jesus did notendure, then upon this allude Satan would represent the power of God asinsufficient for us. As such Jesus to be "in every points tempted choose as weare." Hebrews 4:15. He sustained every trial to which we are subject. And Heexercised in His own behalf no strength that is no freely available to us. Together man,He met temptation, and overcame in the strength offered Him indigenous God. That says,"I delight to do Thy will, O mine God: yea, Thy regulation is within Myheart." Psalm 40:8. Together He went about doing good, and also healing all that wereafflicted by Satan, he made level to males the character of God"s law and also thenature that His service. His life testifies the it is possible for us likewise toobey the legislation of God. DA24.2

By His humanity, Christ touch humanity; by His divinity,He lays hold upon the throne that God. As the son of man, He provided us one exampleof obedience; together the boy of God, He provides us power to obey. It to be Christ whofrom the bush on mountain Horeb spoke to Moses saying, "I am THAT ns AM.... Therefore shalt she say unto the youngsters of Israel, ns AM on foot sentme unto you." Exodus 3:14. This was the pledge the Israel"s deliverance. Sowhen He come "in the likeness of men," He claimed Himself the ns AM.The son of Bethlehem, the meek and also lowly Saviour, is God "manifest inthe flesh." 1 Timothy 3:16. And also to us He says: "I am the GoodShepherd." "I to be the living Bread." "I to be the Way, theTruth, and the Life." "All power is given <25> depend Mein heaven and also in earth." man 10:11; 6:51; 14:6; Matthew 28:18. I AM theassurance that every promise. I AM; be not afraid. "God v us" is thesurety of ours deliverance native sin, the assurance the our power to follow the lawof heaven. DA 24.3

In stooping to take it upon self humanity, Christ revealed acharacter the contrary of the character of Satan. But He stepped still reduced inthe route of humiliation. "Being found in fashion as a man, the humbled Himself,and came to be obedient depend death, even the death of the cross." Philippians2:8. Together the high monk laid aside his gorgeous pontifical robes, andofficiated in the white linen dress of the common priest, for this reason Christ take it theform the a servant, and offered sacrifice, himself the priest, himself thevictim. "He to be wounded for our transgressions, He was bruised for ouriniquities: the chastisement the our peace was ~ above Him." Isaiah 53:5. DA 25.1

Christ to be treated together we deserve, the we might be cure asHe deserves. He was condemned because that our sins, in i beg your pardon He had actually no share, the wemight be justified through His righteousness, in i m sorry we had no share. That sufferedthe fatality which to be ours, that we might receive the life which to be His."With His stripes we space healed." DA 25.2

By His life and also His death, Christ has accomplished even morethan restore from the damage wrought with sin. It was Satan"s purpose tobring about an eternal separation in between God and also man; yet in Christ we becomemore closely united to God 보다 if we had actually never fallen. In taking our nature,the Saviour has bound self to humanity by a tie that is never ever to it is in broken.Through the eternal periods He is attached with us. "God so loved the world,that He offered His only-begotten Son." man 3:16. He provided Him not just tobear ours sins, and also to die as our sacrifice; He provided Him to the fallen race. Toassure united state of His immutable counsel of peace, God gave His only-begotten boy tobecome one of the human being family, forever to maintain His human being nature. This is thepledge the God will meet His word. "Unto us a son is born,unto united state a boy is given: and also the federal government shall be upon Hisshoulder." God has adopted human nature in the person of His Son, and also hascarried the same right into the greatest heaven. It is the "Son the man" whoshares the throne that the universe. The is the "Son that man" who nameshall it is in called, "Wonderful, Counselor, The mighty God, The everlastingFather, The Prince the Peace." Isaiah 9:6. The ns AM is the Daysman betweenGod and humanity, laying His hand ~ above both. He that is "holy, harmless,undefiled, different from sinners," is not ashamed to speak to us brethren.Hebrews 7:26; 2:11. In Christ the family members of earth and the household of heaven room <26>bound together. Christ glorified is ours brother. Sky is enshrined inhumanity, and also humanity is enfolded in the bosom of limitless Love. DA 25.3

Of His human being God says, "They shall be as the stones ofa crown, lifted up together an ensign top top His land. For how great is His goodness,and how great is His beauty!" Zechariah 9:16, 17. The exaltation that theredeemed will be one eternal testimony to God"s mercy. "In the periods tocome," He will "show the exceeding riches of His elegant in Hiskindness towards us v Christ Jesus." "To the will that... Unto the principalities and the strength in the heavenly placesmight be made recognized ... The manifold wisdom the God, follow tothe eternal purpose which that purposed in Christ Jesus our Lord." Ephesians2:7; 3:10, 11, R. V. DA26.1

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Through Christ"s redeeming work-related the federal government of God standsjustified. The Omnipotent One is made known as the God of love. Satan"s chargesare refuted, and also his personality unveiled. Rebellion can never again arise. Sincan never ever again enter the universe. With eternal ages all space secure fromapostasy. By love"s self-sacrifice, the citizens of earth and heaven arebound to their Creator in bond of indissoluble union. DA 26.2

The job-related of redemption will be complete. In the location wheresin abounded, God"s elegant much more abounds. The planet itself, the an extremely fieldthat Satan cases as his, is to be not just ransomed yet exalted. Ours littleworld, under the curse of sin the one dark blot in His glorious creation, willbe honored over all other people in the universe of God. Here, whereby the Sonof God tabernacled in humanity; wherein the King of glory lived and suffered anddied,—here, when He shall make all points new, the tabernacle that Godshall be with men, "and He will certainly dwell with them, and also they shall be Hispeople, and God himself shall be v them, and be your God." and also throughendless eras as the redeemed go in the light of the Lord, they will certainly praiseHim because that His unspeakable Gift,—Immanuel, "God through us." DA 26.3

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