I love listening come our neighborhood Christian radio stations. The music is therefore uplifting and encouraging. I likewise sometimes prefer to listen to their replays of church sermons at lunch time every day. Recently, a speaker was talking around the government Jesus gave His disciples after ~ His an initial post-resurrection appearance. In a nutshell, his article was that since the disciples had actually the government to cure people and also forgive sins, we also in this modern era have the government to forgive sins.

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Do we?

Now, i’m a large opponent the false teaching as I’m certain you are, and the speaker’s post threw me off-kilter. The means he arrived on his conclusion was a bit dizzying. So, of course, I had actually to uncover out the truth and also not just assume what ns think i know. Remember that we are called to give a defense because that the hope we have actually (1 Peter 3:15).

We’ll begin by looking in ~ the publications of Matthew and also Mark.

Early Philosophies

The speaker on the radio began by creating Jesus’ authority over…well, everything. We uncover this in ~ the conclusion the the publication of Matthew when Jesus offers the great Commission.

“And Jesus came and also spoke to them, saying, ‘All authority has been provided to Me in heaven and also on earth. Go, therefore, and also make practical worker of all the nations, baptizing lock in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the divine Spirit.’” Matthew 28:18-19

We watch the an excellent Commission restated in the publication of Mark.

“And He claimed to them, ‘Go right into all the world and preach the gospel come every creature. He that believes and also is baptized will certainly be saved, but he who does not think will be condemned.’” mark 16:15-16

Early Christian philosophers and also church leaders had actually their separation, personal, instance ideas around how Jesus could have such authority and be able to share it through the disciples.

In the third century, Sabellianism stated the Father, Son, and also Holy soul are 3 different facets of God, that God is not a trinity, and the 3 persons of the trinity exist just in God’s relation to man. So, due to the fact that God exist in three separate people, and He has actually a partnership with man, we share in His authority.

In the fourth century, Arianism taught the Jesus was a biology made by God just like us. Because He had authority, the must typical we too have actually authority.

And in the fifth century, Nestorianism taught that God had actually a magnificent nature and also a human being nature, and it was just the person nature that Mary provided birth to. They thought that due to the fact that Jesus had actually two natures maybe we every do. Therefore, us all have actually the very same authority Jesus has.

Obviously, each of these spiritual philosophies is amazingly wrong, and also the speaker on the radio agreed. But somehow, he ongoing to preach that it’s in the good Commission where we acquire true authority favor Jesus.


The Disciples gain Authority

In Matthew 28:18, Jesus says, “All authority has actually been offered to Me.” the then commands the hands-on worker to walk out, preach the good News, and also baptize those who believe. Let’s look at this step by step.

Who deserve to they baptize? Those that believe.

What did who do very first after they believed in Jesus? they repented.

And, who did lock confess their sins to? The disciples.

So, if someone thought in Jesus and also confessed their sin come the disciples, that person can then it is in baptized. Which way the disciples need to have had the government to forgive sin.

Now, look at at mark 16:17-18. It’s where Jesus describes the indicators of someone that believes Jesus is the Lord. They will…

Cast the end demonsSpeak with new tonguesTake up serpentsBe able to drink noþeles deadly there is no harmHeal the sick

The speak on the radio break up that because authority had been offered to the practical worker to heal others, cast out demons, etc., the civilization they baptized inherited the exact same authority. And since we are additionally believers the Jesus and also the gospel, us too have the exact same authority. That means you and also I have actually the strength to take it up serpents, heal the sick, and forgive sin.

The apostle James seems to earlier this idea up in James 5:15-16

“And the prayer of faith will conserve the sick, and also the Lord will certainly raise that up. And if he has committed sins, he will certainly be forgiven. Confess your sins to one another, and pray for one another, the you might be healed. The effective, enthusiasm prayer the a righteous male avails much.”

James indicates that by confessing ours sin to someone else, we will certainly be not just healed but forgiven. In other words, if us confess ours sin to another believer, the person deserve to forgive our sin because of the authority given to them with the an excellent Commission. This is not what James meant, but it is exactly how some people interpret this verse.

It appears almost like a logical conclusion. That is till we back up come Matthew 10.

Signs of Authority

“And as soon as had referred to as His twelve disciples to Him, He gave them power end unclean spirits, to actors them out, and to heal every kinds that sickness and also all type of disease.” Matthew 10:1


Long before He issued the great Commission, prior to His crucifixion, Jesus had already given strength to His new apostles. He did this to clearly show that He possessed every authority end everything, consisting of sin. Now, stop look at 2 Corinthians 12:12.

“Truly, the signs of one apostle were achieved among you through all perseverance, in signs and wonders and also mighty deeds.”

The apostle Paul is speak the function of the miraculous indications was to confirm the apostles as God’s messengers and no one else. Paul claims this after ~ he describes the different members that a church in 1 Corinthians 12:28-30.

“And God has appointed these in the church: an initial apostles, second prophets, third teachers, after the miracles, then gifts of healings, helps, administrations, arrays of tongues. Room all apostles? space all prophets? room all teachers? are all workers of miracles? carry out all have presents of healings? execute all speak in tongues? do all interpret?”

The answer to Paul’s collection of concerns is a resounding “no.” The human body of Christ is diverse, each human with his or her very own gift, and God purposely keeps it the way. That method not everyone is one apostle. In fact, just the apostles were ever apostles. Only they were ever before given Jesus’ authority.

Apostles Only

As for the signs and wonders we would certainly see, they applied only come the apostles and not anyone throughout time since their authority came straight from Jesus. Indeed, several of the apostles did endure all the indicators (except because that drinking poison). We find evidence of the in action 28 once Paul finds self shipwrecked ~ above the island the Malta wherein he decides to build a fire.

“But once Paul had actually gathered a bundle the sticks and also laid castle on the fire, a viper came out since of the heat and also fastened on his hand…But that shook off the creature right into the fire and suffered no harm.” plot 28:3,5


We also know nobody has ever before possessed the same authority as the apostles since their time that ministry.

“And they went out and also preached everywhere, the mr working through them and also confirming words through the accompanying signs.” mark 16:20

Notice the this verse claims the mr was working through them. No them and then invoice in 1875 and also Susie in 1966 and David in 2019. The lord was only working v them, the apostles, and there is no Biblical evidence that He has done it through anyone else because or ever before intends to.

Only Jesus has Authority

Since Jesus provided His government to just the apostles, that means we nothing have any type of of the today. It also means we cannot pardon anyone’s sins. Someone have the right to confess a sin come us, however we carry out not have the strength to redeem it. They have the right to pray the prayer of faith, and we have the right to baptize them, but we perform not have actually the authority to guarantee they will certainly go come heaven. Only Jesus can do that through the power of His sacrificial blood on the cross and overwhelming grace.

It doesn’t mean we shouldn’t ever forgive others, of course. That is not what i’m saying here. Us should always forgive as God forgives us. However that’s a personal kind that forgiveness and also not of one eternal nature. That’s up for God alone to do.

As for authority, every little thing we have actually is provided to us just through the strength of the divine Spirit working through us. We have absolutely no government on ours own. The is the divine Spirit who gives us power, strength, and wisdom to accomplish the points He demands us to do. He does this so only He receives the glory that comes from our work, and also it’s well-deserving.

He alone deserves praise for the things we do.

Word of Caution

I still love listening come sermons on the radio (any Moody Radio fans out there?), yet let me offer you a last word that caution. Many of the time, the speaker knows what he’s talking about. Over there are numerous priests and also pastors you can trust to tell the truth of the Bible. However if you listening and something within you renders you think that doesn’t sound right, take that together the holy Spirit do the efforts to get your attention.


Grab your Bible and also look up the verses because that yourself. Perform your very own homework. Remember, just because someone is on the radio, in the pulpit, or on the net doesn’t mean they’re a finish expert, including me (though I perform my absolute finest to provide you the most accurate information).

Only God is the expert. He knows what He wrote in His word, so walk to Him once you hear who preach and it doesn’t seem quite on spot.

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Jesus is the authority end everything. That alone can forgive sin, i beg your pardon is His heart’s desire. If you room seeking forgiveness today, won’t you rotate to a loving Savior who gave His life to conserve you native eternal destruction? He’s wait to re-publishing His love through you and also give you new hope today.