As a left-handed guitarist, you"re currently sure to stand out, and also you"re in an excellent company! check out these funny facts and also famous human being who pat left-hand guitars.

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Great Britain. The year is 1966, and a former session guitarist is around to take it the stage. He has actually a strange layout that will soon make the a legend--and leave other guitarists trying to mimic him for decades to come.

That guitarist to be Jimi Hendrix. The "innovation" the made him most famed was restringing and also flipping a right-handed Fender Stratocaster so he might play it through his left.

This reason, among many, is why Hendrix is still remembered together the most famous lefty to ever before pick increase a guitar.

Hendrix has actually some stiff competition though, both from his own time and the years before and also after it. And no wonder. Not just do left-hand guitars have actually a legend endorsement, yet they"re just plain awesome come boot.

If you want to learn more about left-handed guitarists and also the instruments they play, read on.

Masters that the Left-Hand Guitar

Notice the quotation marks about the word development in the an initial paragraph? That"s since Jimi Hendrix wasn"t the very first to beat a right-hand guitar upside down. The was just the most renowned to execute so.

For the longest time, left-hand guitars didn"t exist. Or they were also rare and also expensive for most human being to obtain their hands on. So many left-handed guitarists had to upper and lower reversal the guitar upside down.

Among these early innovators were Blues guitarist Albert King, Beach-era guitarist dick Dale, country artist Slim Whitman, and also blues and folk guitarist Elizabeth Cotton.

Avenged Sevenfold"s co-guitarist Zacky Vengeance learned on a right-hand guitar, which that flipped upside down. In fact, Vengeance tho plays on an upside-down guitar.

If you"re right into 90"s punk music, then you may remember Jawbreaker and their command vocalist and guitar Blake Schwarzenbach playing lefty. Maybe not for everyone, yet it"s an excellent to watch left-handed guitars on not just substantial names, but additionally on the bands pour it until it is full rooms that 30 human being moving right into headlines ~ above tours. 

To this day, many human being still pat upside down. And if you take place to understand a few guitarists, chances are one of them theatre this way.

After all, ten percent that the population is left-handed. The etc is a strange craft in the the leading hand strums when the non-dominant hand walk the more an overwhelming job the fingering frets. This is why a the majority of guitar football player play guitar developed for the opposite hand.

Even so, friend can"t discount those who offered left-hand guitars, since they too have actually left their note on music history. Because that instance, black Sabbath offered birth to metal, and they walk it making use of a left-handed guitarist, Tony Iommi.

Even the most famous band of all time had actually a left-handed guitarist. Paul McCartney the The Beatles originally attempted to play right-handed, but he struggled v both frets and also strumming. That switched to his left hand as soon as he establish the Slim Whitman played left-handed.

The nineties carried forth a new type of rock known as grunge. In ~ the head of this brand-new movement (and forever the poster boy) was a Seattle band dubbed Nirvana, headed by kurt Cobain.

The jury is tho out regarding whether or not Kurt was technically left-handed. His dominant hand had tendency to switch depending on what he was doing. It is clear, however, that when it pertained to guitar, that was definitely a lefty.

While it"s a smaller list than best handed players, there"s a good list of human being on wikipedia that may surprise you through folks prefer Dave King indigenous Flogging Molly to kurt Cobain and also many more.

Why Lefties Rule

For generations, left-handedness was believed to it is in a authorize of disability, negative luck, or just plain evil. Yet in the last hundred years, a lot of brand-new studies have actually emerged around left-handedness.

In regards to playing guitar, there room a lot of of advantages to gift left-handed, such as the specialization of the instrument. Oftentimes, since most world aren"t normally left-handed, and also even under play left-hand guitar, they won"t desire to play yours. Or, in ~ the really least, you have a perfect inoffensive excuse because that why castle can"t.

On a connected note, it"s a great way to gain out of having actually to play as soon as someone keeps nagging you come play a song. Also, left-hand guitars and also guitarists room a little of a rarity, so that can include to phase presence and also symmetry.

In fact, the rarity the left-hand guitars often tends to add a most value to them. This is not only in terms of money worth for whenever you retire, but likewise because friend might be able to get a cheap and fairly unused guitar virtual or in a etc store.

For those who need to justify us to disgruntled bandmates, teachers, or family members members, studies have uncovered that left-handed human being tend to have actually amazing hand-eye coordination. In fact, they"re even faster with their best hands than right-handed people.

Left-Hand Man

There"s an astounding background of left-handed people and also left-hand guitars. It follow me from the pioneers who paved the way by playing upside-down come the modern artists who came to be the masters of brand brand-new genres.

The most renowned left-handed guitarist of all time--at least the one most famous for playing left-handed--was Jimmy Hendrix. His flipped Fender Stratocaster style is now legendary.

Left-handed guitarists have had actually a lengthy journey acquiring to this suggest because of how the civilization used to perceive left-handedness. It has gone from being a curse to being, not simply normal, however sometimes exercised as a style choice.

Part of this, for some, could be because a left-hand guitar is a good way to save or knife money (and to protect against it being played as soon as you don"t desire to).

In general, lefties have tendency to have better, or at the very least quicker, hand-eye coordination v both hands 보다 right-handed human being do.

Final Thoughts

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