Fergie and Josh Duhamel announced in a joint statement on Thursday the they had split up ~ eight year of marriage. The previous couple, who have a 4-year-old boy Axl, confirmed that they had actually “decided to different as a couple earlier this year” and also kept the matter private “to provide our household the finest opportunity come adjust.” The break-up came together a shock to countless fans, together Fergie and Josh, who an initial met in 2004, publicly sustained through several bumps in your relationship, including a cheating scandal in 2009.

As the shock starts to stay off less than 24 hrs later, People has come forward through a report ~ above why the gorgeous couple decided to go their separate ways. Follow to one source, those close come Fergie and Josh “won’t be surprised the this ended,” adding that their distinctions factored right into the split. “In the beginning, it was what attractive them to each other and made castle so much fun to be around… but they come from totally different backgrounds and they wanted different things.” The resource also detailed that Fergie and Josh “were heading in two different directions” and that the break up “has been a long time coming.” A 2nd source says that in the end, Josh’s “low-key” and also “laid back” way of life was not a an excellent pairing for Fergie’s “high maintenance” and career-focused ways. “He certainly wants more kids and also has always wanted to it is in a family man.”

Meanwhile, Us Weekly reports the the former couple were trying because that a 2nd child “as of critical year” but, echoing People’s story, couldn"t acquire over their differences for a while. One resource reveals that Josh relocated out “around beforehand spring.”

On Sept. 8, Fergie handle rumors the she was trying for an additional baby while appearing on the “Cubby and Carolina in the Morning Show” to promote her brand-new album Double Duchess. “I’ve heard so numerous rumors about all of that,” she said. “I have actually no idea what’s in the future. Ideal now, I just turned all my videos in yesterday come everybody. It’s prefer I’m birthing a various kind of baby. Ns feel favor I’m birthing this thing out. The didn’t come from mine belly however it come from mine soul.”

Fans won’t need to wait long to view if Fergie’s brand-new album, the end Sept. 22, will expose anything around her separation. She formerly told People the Double Duchess permitted her come “peel back the layers and show my breakable side.” One song, “Love Is Pain,” is described by Fergie as “extremely emotional.”

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In wake up of Fergie and Josh’s split, clips from their 2012 sit-down with Oprah Winfrey top top an illustration of OWN’s Oprah’s following Chapter have been recirculating. In the interview, conducted three year after Josh was accused of having actually a one-night stand v an exotic dancer in Atlanta, Fergie opened up up about how the couple dealt with the infidelity rumors. (The dancer, who claimed that she had actually passed a lie detector test, later on apologized come Fergie.)“When you go through complicated times, it really renders you stronger as a unit, together a partnership. The does for us anyway. Ours love today is a deeper love. Definitely. We’re more powerful today since of anything difficult that’s happened with us… We saw therapy. We went to a the majority of therapy and the whole thing just became a optimistic for us.”

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