Kristina Sunshine Jung is one American entrepreneur and also actor, who is much better known as the daughter of famous drug-smuggler George Jung and his ex-wife, Mirtha Jung. She come under the spotlight after ~ the release of the ‘Oscar’-nominated 2001 movie "Blow," which was based upon her father’s life. The movie showcased the turoulend relationship between Kristina and also George and even showed their relationship end on an dissatisfied note. However, in genuine life, Kristina reconciled with her father. They currently run a clothing company together. Kristina had an turbulent childhood because of the drug-related history of both of she parents. She was increased by she grandparents and also her aunt.

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Kristina was born Kristina Sunshine Jung, on august 1, 1978. She had a an overwhelming childhood, as both her parents had actually a criminal past. She mother, Mirtha, to be a drug addict and continued to be one until Kristina was about 3 year old.
Mirtha spend drugs even she was pregnant. She was jailed for drug possession when Kristina was a toddler. Mirtha was already divorced indigenous George by then. At the exact same time, Kristina’s father, too, was imprisoned for smuggling drugs. Such problems made Kristina’s childhood extremely difficult.
Kristina to be then elevated by she grandparents, Frederick and also Ermine Jung. Your immense effort in increasing Kristina added some stability to her childhood. Castle looked after Kristina and also would always send her a huge box complete of clothes and also toys every brand-new school year, on holidays, on her birthday, and also on every distinct occasion. However, this stopped once her grand passed away. Kristina was then sent to her aunt Marie Jung’s place, where she flourished up. She remained with she aunt till she rotate 18. Kristina often displays her love and also gratitude for her grandparents and her aunt with her "Instagram" and also "Facebook" posts.
While in prison, Mirtha make several initiatives to get rid of drugs. After, completing her stint in jail, she stop drugs. She has been living a clean life due to the fact that then. Kristina’s father, however, continued smuggling drugs.
The 2001 ‘Academy Award’-nominated movie "Blow" was based on the life of Kristina’s father. The film highlighted Kristina’s sour relationship with her father. According to the film, she had actually never checked out George once he remained in jail. However, it was reported the after the relax of the film, the equation between them changed. There to be rumors that Kristina had met George in the spring of 2002. Your bond strengthened as soon as George was released in 2014. They space now frequently spotted with each other at publicly events and also functions.
Kristina is an entrepreneur and also a lesser-known actor. She operation a apparel business along with her father. Their clothes brand is known as "BG Apparel and Merchandise.’ Kristina additionally appeared in "Blow." She go a court scene v Johnny Depp, who essayed her father’s role in the movie. Unfortunately, the scene was later on deleted by "Warner Bros." ~ above the commonwealth government’s request. The deleted scenes deserve to now be checked out in the DVD variation of the movie.

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Kristina is married to Romain Karan. She has actually a daughter named Athena Romina Karan. Not lot is known about her other children. Kristina has lived in several components of the US, together as mountain Mateo, Concord, Millbrae, Napa, Pittsburgh, and Walnut Creek. However, she has actually stayed the many in California.
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