Everybody Loves Raymondmay have been all about Ray Barone and his wife, Debra Barone, yet other fan-favorite characters emerged during the show’s nine-season run.Robert Barone, Ray’s larger brother, was beloved by fans. Together the collection progressed, viewers rooted for him to find his love and also settle down, noting that Amy MacDougall to be his perfect match. Eventually, simply that happens, yet do friend have any idea how countless times the pair broke up prior to they finally got married? that a lot.

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Amy MacDougall began dating Robert Barone in season 1 ofEverybody Loves Raymond

When fans an initial met Robert, he was defined as pathetic and needy. While it’s never ever mentioned, it’s implied the he hadn’t date regularly due to the fact that his divorce. Come lift his spirits, Debra introduced him to her friend, someone she had operated with previously.Amy MacDougallwas introduced for the very an initial time in the show’s very an initial season.


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Her first appearance top top the show, in the season 1 episode, “Who’s Handsome?” clues the beginning of the pair’s relationship. When she isn’t watched in every episode, it’s implied the Amy and Robert’s relationship started to heat up nearly immediately. The pair eventually got married, but the roadway there wasn’t precisely smooth.

Amy and also Robert broke up numerous times prior to they do it to the altar

When fans first met the Barone family,Ray and also Debrawere resolved into married life. If the pair bickered, their marriage was mainly on hard ground. The same was true because that Marie and also Frank Barone, who, after years together, settled into their very own toxic dynamic. Robert and also Amy were different. The pair provided viewers v the connection drama that is often needed come sustain a sitcom.

According toIMDb, before they walked down the aisle, Robert and Amy referred to as it quits four separate times. Robert and also Amy broke up because that the an initial time in season 3, after almost two years together. Castle reconnected number of months later and finally consummated your relationship.

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Their 2nd attempt at a connection didn’t last almost as long as your first. Annoyed that Robert offered her pearls rather of one engagement ring, Amy called off their relationship in season 4. Lock reconnect again after Robert was hurt at occupational but broke up after he revealed his infidelity. They briefly reconnect in season 6, but things no last. Robert ultimately proposed in season 7. Amy and also Robert’s wedding day strongly mimicked their at an early stage relationship, but eventually, they came to be man and wife. Authors featured the marriage during the show’s last seasons.