Grab every the details that Selena Quintanilla’s plastic surgical treatment endeavors v a thorough check of she before and also after pictures.

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The “Queen that Tejano music” Selena Quintanilla to be murdered simply two weeks before what would have been she 24th birthday.

Based on she tragic story, Selena: The Series to be created. The American biographical show directed by Hiromi Kamata records the essence of Tejano singer Selena’s increase to stardom and also the battles she and also her family sustained in the process.


The collection dropped ~ above Netflix on 4th December 2020. Adhering to the release, pan have end up being curious about Selena Quintanilla’s incredible beauty alongside her noticeable singing talents.

This has actually prompted speculations of plastic surgical procedure as you’d expect. Walk Selena Quintanilla walk under the knife? Let’s obtain all the details.



Selena Quintanilla’s Plastic surgery is Trending ~ above the Internet

After the biographical series Selena: The Series landed on Netflix, viewers soon gathered curiosity about Selena Quintanilla’s an individual life. One such speculation revolves around her plastic surgical procedure endeavors.

The first part the Selena: The Series arrived on Netflix on fourth December 2020. V this, the long-standing lover of Selena Quintanilla gained their ultimate dive right into the life the the famous Tejano star, however for the first time, one entirely brand-new wave that soon-to-be Selena pan will likewise get a taste her beauty and elegance.



Selena Quintanilla before and also after alleged plastic surgery.Image Source: load & Skin

She was a history-maker in ~ the 1994 Grammy Awards by coming to be the very first female Tejano singer come win finest Mexican/American Album. Moreover, she to be the an initial Latin singer to do her debut album at #1 top top Billboard 200.

Furthermore, she is recognized with introducing Tejano music to the forefront with about 30 million albums sold roughly the world.


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Unfortunately, between these and also so countless other vast successes during her short but revolutionary solo album, the story of Selena’s journey is greatly overlooked by her tragic fatality in 1995, when she was just 23.

Meanwhile, the accusations that plastic surgical procedure stem from the fact that Selena Quintanilla couldn’t look an ext gorgeous, so it’s common to doubt some work being done.


In addition, she to be allegedly having an affair with the plastic surgeon who performed liposuction on her months prior to her murder. However, her family members denied those claims.

Keep in mind, plastic surgery wasn’t as mainstream in the 90s together it is today. However, for glamorous stars, you might argue cosmetic renovations were certainly a necessity even ago then.

There is no clear evidence of whether or not this stunning artist performed cosmetic operations. Examining her before and after transforms through she younger years, though, there’s a situation to be created Botox injections, lip fillers, and also butt implants.


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It’s unlikely if we’ll ever know for certain the plastic surgery actions Quintanilla opted because that to watch flawless, but one cannot deny the opportunity she did acquire some occupational done like most stars associated in the entertain industry.

Brief insight Into Selena Quintanilla’s catastrophic Death

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The Grammy winner Selena Quintanilla to be fatally shooting by Yolanda Saldívar on 31st march 1995, just two weeks before her 24th birthday.

Saldívar was supposedly a an excellent friend of Selena’s and served together the founder and also leader of her fan club, and the operator of she Selena Etc. Boutiques in san Antonio and Corpus Christi, Texas.

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However, before Selena’s murder, her father, Abraham Quintanilla Jr., raised countless concerns about Saldívar’s weak management an abilities and the i can not qualify to supply souvenirs native a pan club to paying customers.

He examined the case and also found the Saldívar had actually misled an ext than $30,000 from the boutiques and fan club, according to official records from she murder trial.

While Quintanilla Jr. Approached Saldívar and also urged his daughter to rest off all contacts with her, Selena was reluctant to do so.


On 31st March, Selena adhered to Saldívar to the work Inn motel where she stayed in Corpus Christi.

The singer allegedly pressed Saldívar for yearly reports or various other facts that would refute the misappropriation charges, causing Saldívar to take it a pistol from she bag and fire Selena in the shoulder.

While Selena was able to flee come the motel floor come cry because that aid, she shortly collapsed and also was asserted dead upon her arrival at body Christi Memorial Hospital.


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In the meantime, Saldívar sought to leaving the scene of the incident yet quickly found herself recorded in a nine-hour standoff with the authorities, during which she spicy the pistol in ~ herself and also talked sobbing on the telephone through the negotiators for numerous hours, as every sources.

She was at some point arrested, charged, and convicted to life in jail in October 1995, through the option of parole after 30 years, in 2025.


The after-effects of Selena Quintanilla’s Passing

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Selena Quintanilla‘s funeral awareness was hosted in body Christi, she hometown, on 3rd April 1995.

The job prior, 40,000 pan attended the open-casket viewing the took location at the Bayfront Auditorium, i m sorry has due to the fact that been referred to as the Selena Auditorium.

Her funeral was aired country on the radio, attended by practically 600 people, and also was performed at Seaside Memorial Park.

The tragic story ended up being news top top the front web page for number of days and is attributed v the development of human being en Español, Newsweek en Español, and also Latina magazine after explaining to publication the range of the hispanic news audience.

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Innumerable actors openly paid their respects to Selena, through Gloria Estefan and Madonna, as per reports amongst those who approached the Quintanilla household personally come express their sorrow.

In addition, just before Selena’s 24th birthday, then-Governor George W. Bush proclaimed 16th April as “Selena Day” in Texas.

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In 2019, neighborhood legislators passed receipt to do Selena day the state’s official holiday quite than just a ceremonial one.