Every automobile needs a new battery sometimes. When your Ford focus stops starting, or you uncover yourself managing a dead battery often, that might mean the is time to change it. That procedure doesn’t have to be hard.

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What is the finest battery because that a Ford Focus?

The Ford Focus has several various battery requirements based upon engine size and type. CCA starts at 590 and goes come 760 in most models. This automobile typically needs team size 40R or 96R.


There space a couple of things that enter determining which battery you have to buy for your Ford Focus. You need a bit an ext information to do the best decision. Here, we’ll answer few of your questions and also give you specifics top top what you need to look for before you buy.

Determining the Battery group Size

The very first step in acquiring a new battery for your Ford emphasis is to identify the group size. What’s that?

When cars space designed, equipments ensure they fit the certain style or sizing that batteries. The group size is the particular configuration the considers the terminal location and also overall dimensions of the battery girlfriend need.

Most the the time, team size is noted as a combination of numbers and also letters. That usually 2 or 3 digits in length. Girlfriend can find this listed on the battery chin (if you have one) or in the owner’s manual. You’ll need to shop for her battery utilizing this group size.

Most Ford emphasis vehicles fit right into one or two team sizes. It is the 40R or the 96R. Once shopping because that a battery, make sure this is aligned. This guarantee the terminals heat up and that the size is simply right.

What type of Battery carry out You Need?

The next consideration is the battery type. There space three main options: Lead-acid, lithium-ion batteries, or SLI batteries. You need the right form of battery to effectively charge her car and to get it running.


The SLI battery designation represents starting, lighting, and also ignition. That is taken into consideration the most basic form of battery. That is frequently used in most species of gas-powered vehicles.

These batteries will store and also release energy in a large burst. This helps begin the car. They recharge v the assist of the alternator. If you have an older design vehicle, this might be the most common battery used because it is a straightforward level of support.

However, if you have actually a vehicle that has more electricity flowing to it, such as from the various technology onboard or the big, shining infotainment system, that’s going to require an ext battery power. This kind of battery may not be enough to satisfy that need.

In these situations, you may need a deep bicycle battery. This is a specific kind of battery qualified of offering a larger amount of power when starting the car and also keeping other electronic devices onboard the vehicle working well. Numerous times, Ford emphasis vehicles need this kind of battery.

What around OEM or Aftermarket Batteries? i beg your pardon is Best?

Both choices are easily accessible to friend for her Ford Focus. Save in mind the the emphasis is no much longer made. End time, that may come to be harder to find OEM batteries because that it as a result. It is going to take some time, though.

Original equipment manufacturer (OEM) batteries space the best option. That method that the battery manufacturer is the exact same one the made the original battery inserted into your car by Ford. This method it is specifically the very same brand and, therefore, need to be the most reliable option.


There space benefits come this form of battery. First, they frequently have a warranty on them, which can help to defend your car’s value and also gives girlfriend some peace of mind. It’s also beneficial to know the battery is just the best fit for her car.

If you cannot find an OEM or you want something much more affordable, think about the aftermarket option. Aftermarket batteries room still usable and also work just too if you pick the right one for her car. It is the an essential to ensuring you obtain what’s worth her investment.

Aftermarket batteries because that the Ford focus are available from various manufacturers. As lengthy as you pick a reputable manufacturer that supplies a top quality product, friend shouldn’t need to worry around anything battery-related.

How to pick an Aftermarket Battery for her Ford Focus

If you very own a Ford Focus, take a couple of minutes to jot down some information. You need to know the version year and also the trim for her car. You additionally need to look up the engine specs. This info is walking to assist you find the finest battery because that your specific needs.

If you carry out not have actually this information and also cannot find the owner’s manual, you deserve to use one of various websites to assist you. AutoBatteries.com is just one of those options. The will administer you through the info you need regarding the specific battery come buy.

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However, us recommend purchase around. Friend can uncover a range of batteries for sale from trusted retailers, including Amazon. This can help to store your prices low and ensure friend are obtaining a high-quality product. Part batteries that may fit your requirements include:

With this information, friend should have the ability to find the appropriate battery for your needs. Inspect those warranties top top them, too. You desire to purchase a brand the you acknowledge or that has actually positive reviews, so you don’t waste her money.