The basic difference in between square and Rectangle is that a square has two pairs of the opposite parallel sides or 4 sides having an equal size with 4 best angles while a rectangle has actually two pairs of the contrary sides having two parallel pairs of sides v 4 ideal angles of same length.

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besides this, a square is a form of rectangle and their diagonals are perpendicular bisector of every other but a rectangle is not a type of square and their diagonals room not perpendicular bisector of each other.

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Square vs Rectangle: A square has actually 4 same sides v 4 right angles whereas a rectangle has actually two pairs of opposite and also equal sides. In geometry (a branch that mathematics), we examine the various shapes such as rectangle, square, cube, rhombus, etc.

all these shapes are known as two or three-dimensional shapes having some angles and also sides. Each shape has different properties and characteristics to distinguish them from every other.

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What is a Square?

A square has four equal sides with 4 right angles. It is a aircraft and closed figure and categorized together a two-dimensional shape. Best angle means every angle lies at 90°. So, it is a 4 sided polygon equilateral and known as an equiangular quadrilateral.

What is a Rectangle?

The native rectangle obtained from the Latin rectangulus by the joining of two words, rectus “right or proper” and angulus “angle“. Choose a square, follow to Euclidean aircraft geometry, it likewise has four sides and known as a quadrilateral. Your opposite sites are parallel come each other with equal actions of their opposite faces. It also has 4 right angles or 90-degree angle on each side.

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as that square, rectangle likewise equiangular square shape. The equiangular is a form whose all angles are equal come 90° or (360°/4 = 90°). It is additionally known as a parallelogram. If a rectangle through vertices ABCD is non-square climate it is stated to it is in oblong.