Main difference – interval vs Dialect

Accent and dialect both refer to a distinctive method of using a language, especially one connected with a certain country, an ar or social class. Dialect refers come a variety of a language that has distinctive variations in grammar, syntax, vocabulary and pronunciation. Accent refers to the variations in the pronunciation. Therefore, the main difference in between accent and dialect is that accent faces phonetics and also phonology whereas dialect deals with many areas such as morphology, phonology, syntax, semantics, etc.

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What is Accent

Accent faces the phonology of the language. That is a way of pronouncing words the occurs among the world in a particular region or country. For example, who from Alabama, in the south of united state would have actually a southern accent. This means that the means he or she pronounces the way is various from the method a Northerner would pronounce.

In addition, when standard language and also pronunciation are characterized by various standards, an interval may likewise refer come the deviation from the standard. For example, if someone states that another person is speak English v a French accent, it is implied the his together is out of the traditional norms.

Accent is a special element of language which exclusively focuses on pronunciation. Accent is usually connected with factors like geographical region, socioeconomic status, ethnicity, class, and very first language.



Dialects the Macedonian language

Difference in between Accent and Dialect


Accent is a way of pronounce words the occurs amongst the human being in a particular region or country.

Dialect is a variety of a language spoken in a specific geographical area or through a particular group the people.


Accent is the sport in pronunciation.

Dialect is identified by sports in grammar, syntax, pronunciation, or vocabulary.


Accent is a part of a dialect.

Dialect is a range of a language.


Accent is connected with geographical place (region), socioeconomic background and status.

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Dialect is mainly linked with the geographical location.

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