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A Dobhoff tube is a flexible, small-bore nasogastric (NG) tube with an within diameter of about 0.16 inch (4 mm). It is primarily used to carry out nutrients or medicine to patients who are unable to ingest anything by mouth.

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The Dobhoff tube was introduced in the mid-1970s by surgeons Robert Dobbie and also James Hoffmeister, who linked their last names to produce "https://gaianation.net/difference-between-dobhoff-and-ng-tube/imager_13_7131_700.jpgDobhoff."https://gaianation.net/difference-between-dobhoff-and-ng-tube/imager_13_7131_700.jpg The Dobhoff pipe was the very first small-bore feeding pipe to it is in used properly in hospitals.

Uses the a Dobhoff Tube

A Dobhoff pipe is a type of nasogastric tube the is inserted into the stomach by method of the nasal passage.

In enhancement to providing nutrition, a Dobhoff pipe can also be used to give a patience medicine. Any type of medicine that is no already easily accessible in liquid kind can typically be dissolved in juice or water and fed into the tube. Dobhoff tubes have to be purged before and also after administering fluid food or medication, in stimulate to prevent blockage.

Unlike the tubes used for gastrointestinal drainage, over there is no suction attached come a Dobhoff tube. That is smaller sized and much more flexible than various other NG tubes, so the is usually more comfortable for the patient.

Inserting a Dobhoff Tube

A guide wire, referred to as a stylet, is used throughout insertion. The stylet is removed after the tube’s correct placement has been confirmed. A Dobhoff tube has a weighted end that helps overview it v the cradle system. This load end consists of steel enclosed in silicone.

Potential Complications

Some complications that might occur throughout the insertion of a Dobhoff tube include:

beginning a bronchial tube Perforating the pleura bordering a lung
A physician or nurse deserve to insert a Dobhoff pipe at a patient's bedside.

Due to these potential complications, it is important to radiologically check the tube’s post-insertion position. In situations where the patience is utilizing an enteral feeding tube for a long period of time, routine re-checking of the position may be necessary.

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A Dobhoff tube is a form of nasogastric tube that is placed into the stomach by method of the sleep passage.


A Dobhoff pipe is used provide nutrients or medication to patients who room unable to ingest anything by mouth.