The an initial time that i heard about the Dillard’s Clearance keep was ironically native a news anchor who had moved come the area from Atlanta.

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He told me the he always got incredible deals on high-quality shirts. His wife and also kids likewise found good deals over there too. ~ my very first visit, I interpreted why it’s among his favorite locations to find company attire.


I’m generally pretty faithful to the gap Clearance center in Hebron but the Dillard’s Clearance center could it is in a close second or ultimate tie.

The Dillard’s Clearance center is a great place to discover a deal on high-quality clothing.


The Clearance keep is basically a previous Dillard’s department store dedicated to only clearance item which method that you have two floors complete of transaction at the Glenway Ave. Location. (*The Glenway place will it is in closed in 2019) The Eastgate location is only one floor.

Women will discover the most choices for clothes and also shoes but Men still have a decent sized ar too.


Formal costume for under $10!

During mine visit, I found formal costume for $9.99 보다 they were decreased even an ext with another sale on top of the to do them $1.99!!!!

Less than the price of a worth meal for a formal dress!


I automatically thought the I have to share the deal so that civilization could assist restock Cinderella’s Closetin a budget-friendly way. I additionally thought the if i was going to share that info I should also lead through example and buy some dresses because that the cause.

It to be pretty fun for me to pick out dresses since I don’t have any type of girls to shop for.


The shoes area for females is also way larger 보다 the shoes area because that Men and also kids. I saw shoes with added savings on sale together low together $4.99!


Tips because that Shopping in ~ the Dillard’s Clearance Center

Check the shop hours before you go. (They right now open in ~ noon)Make a perform of items the you room looking for before you go.Update your household member size so the you deserve to purchase items because that them if they are not with you.Send pictures of the items to family members members that you space unsure the purchasing due to the fact that if they don’t choose it they won’t stay it.All Sales space Final so make certain that you choose your purchase wisely.Try every little thing on. Sizing deserve to vary through designer.Always double check pricing in ~ the register. Sometimes an item can be misplaced and put top top the wrong revenue rack.Allow because that plenty that time to inspect out every one of the areas of the store. This is not the kind of save you want to feel rushed in.The store is arranged really well but it’s still really easy to gain overwhelmed when you visit since of the sheer volume of apparel in the store.Eat before you visit. You will certainly need power to power through every one of the racks and also you likewise don’t desire to shop through anyone who is hangry.

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How to check for the weekly sales at the Dillard’s Clearance Store

The store has weekly sales the you can inspect out on the website prior to you visit.

In the search Box form store LocatorClick on view all ResultsClick oh on the us MapLook for the Upcoming event at West town Center.OR

The Dillard’s Clearance save Locations

Eastgate Mall4615 Eastgate Blvd, Cincinnati, oh (513) 943-5100

*Unfortunately, the various other Dillard’s Clearance Store located at 6290 Glenway Ave., Cincinnati, five closed in 2019

You have the right to find an ext Dillard’s Clearance facility locations by state on your website.

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