Season 0 episode 11 - BBQ Legends

Guy loves "que. The BBQ room of Famer loves makin" it and you understand he loves tryin" it. There"s a long list of off-the-chain barbecue joints in the DDD history books, and also Guy"s hand-picked several of his all-time favorites. From whole hogs to righteous ribs, smoking sammies to mouthwatering sides, you"re in because that the ideal of BBQ from coast to coast. Air date : 18th-Dec-2013

Season 0 episode 1 - The finest of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives

Guy Fieri looks back at few of Triple-D"s greatest hits: the diviest dives, the many off-the-hook dishes, the personalities he explains only as bananas, and also some of the weirdest points he has consumed on his endless Road Trip throughout America. Air date : 23rd-Nov-2008Read More

Season 0 episode 2 - Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: finest from the roadway

Guy Fieri heads almost everywhere the nation as we revisit some his favorites from the road: consisting of an old-school cafeteria in the southern cranking out third generation southern classics; The pizzeria in Chicago, break the regional rules with thin late pizzas; The 80 year old Baltimore legend doin’ dogs Coney Island style; and also the Texas carwash/Laundromat servin’ up human being class lamb burgers. Air date : 27th-Nov-2009Read More

Season 0 episode 3 - Guy"s Disney vacation

In this one hour special, male Fieri explores the exceptional holiday location that is Disneyland - the fun, the experience, the included holiday excitement and also charm, every wrapped about his focus on the park"s holiday themed meals and also treats. Guy, together with various members of his family, will certainly highlight (and participate in the make of) a selection of food consisting of baked products (such together a gingerbread house and Yule log), liquid (such together candy canes), and also Christmas night dinner (featuring items offered at the Napa rose restaurant). Air date : 5th-Dec-2009Read More

Season 0 illustration 4 - Diners, Drive-ins and Dives: A north Pole Christmas

Guy Fieri heads approximately North Pole, Alaska, for all kinds the Christmas favorites: vacation ham v wild Alaskan cranberries; Reindeer hoagies; Santa burgers; and also desserts that look good enough to put under the tree. Plus, northernmost holiday classics from a brewery, a barbecue joint and a Chinese restaurant. Air date : 7th-Dec-2009Read More

Season 0 illustration 5 - Guy"s family Reunion

Guy Fieri litter a family members reunion in Nags Head, N.C., where he plays gamings on the beach, go deep-sea fishing and also crabbing, and also cooks. Recipes include oyster-and-chicken po"boys; stuffed-French toast; mahimahi tacos; and also a crab boil. Air day : 11th-Nov-2012Read More

Season 0 episode 6 - Under The Hood

If you believed Diners, Drive-ins and also Dives was just about terrific food and also rockin" restaurants ... Think again! guy Fieri, hold of DDD and celebrated restaurateur, has a enthusiasm for food and a knack because that shenanigans: Behind the scene of DDD it"s fun and also games! from pullin" pranks come flubbing the standups, guy is humor personified. In this one-hour special, you"ll laugh, you"ll cry and also you"ll join in on all the jokes through never-before-seen footage! Air date : 18th-May-2013Read More

Season 0 illustration 7 - Diners, Drive-ins and Dives Sneak peek

Guy is back! gain a very first look at the premiere illustration of Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and also a sneak emergence at Guy"s brand-new game show, Guy"s grocery Games. Obtain ready to play, October 20th at 8pm/7c. Air date : 14th-Oct-2013Read More

Season 0 illustration 8 - best of brand-new York

Guy has visited many killer joints in new York and also we"ve rounded up few of the best bites in the large Apple. Friend can"t visit new York without having actually old institution Italian in ~ John"s that 12th Street or timeless Jewish favorites at Ben"s Deli — and no one walk classic brand-new York sandwiches prefer Defonte"s. Yet Guy"s also discovered part surprises, prefer authentic barbecue at The acting Joint, German pretzels in ~ The Redhead and a hubcap size donut at Pies N points Air date : 11th-Nov-2013Read More

Season 0 illustration 9 - top 10 Burgers

Guy"s had actually a many burgers top top DDD and also we asked you to vote for your optimal 10 favourite of all time. From old school to gourmet, it"s a countdown that the most an innovative and delicious combinations uncovered in Flavortown. Air day : 29th-Nov-2013Read More

Season 0 episode 10 - Deep Fried All-Stars

Deep fried dishes have actually been anywhere the map on DDD. You won"t desire to miss these fried beauties, from classics like the Fried Chicken Sandwich at show Dogs, Fish and Chips native Mac"s Fish and Chips, and also the Chicharrones that man went bananas end at Highland Tavern, to the righteous Lobster Pops in ~ Rizzo"s Diner and also Deep Fried Bacon at Tupelo"s. And also something you"ve never had in your institution lunches, Fried Peanut Butter and also Jelly at south Philadelphia tap Room. This is a completely fried hour of all-out righteousness. Air date : 16th-Dec-2013Read More

Season 0 illustration 11 - BBQ Legends

Guy loves "que. The BBQ room of Famer loves makin" it and also you know he loves tryin" it. There"s a lengthy list that off-the-chain barbecue joints in the DDD history books, and also Guy"s hand-picked several of his all-time favorites. From entirety hogs to righteous ribs, smoking sammies come mouthwatering sides, you"re in because that the best of BBQ from coast to coast. Air date : 18th-Dec-2013Read More

Season 0 illustration 12 - Wildest Joints

On DDD, Guy has seen the all, and he has actually the scoop ~ above the some of the wackiest and also wildest joints out there, choose R&R Taqueria offer up real deal taco out of a gas station, the church turned brewpub servin" up a divine Lobster Mac "n Cheese at Clarkston Union, the silver- bullet food van on the Fisherman"s kai cranking out seafood fries at Fresh, Local, Wild, and also the boxing gym dishin" out scratch-made comfort food at The Duce. It gets even much more ridiculous in ~ the Taco Bus, a real deal bus pulling the end all the stops on mexican food, and the funky dj-slash-breakfast-food point out housed in a basement placing their spin on waffles in ~ Funk "n Waffles. These joints might be wacky, yet the food is turn off the chain. Air day : 17th-Dec-2013Read More

Season 0 illustration 13 - finest of Pizza

Guy has actually been to a ton that pizza joints and finding the perfect slice isn"t easy. He"s pulled together some killer point out that are spinnin" out part righteous pies, favor the biggest pie ever before shot on DDD at Fat Sully"s, a killer Kimchi pizza in ~ Pizzeria Lola, the Bacon and also Clam Pizza at Joe"s Squared and the funky Duck Pizza in ~ Pastabilities. And also you recognize he"s digging what Luigi"s tossin" up at Pizzeria Luigi, wherein Guy"s transforming up the heat with his on-the-fly Diablo pizza. No doubt you"ll it is in begging for a slice. Air day : 6th-Jan-2014Read More

Season 0 illustration 14 - worldwide Flavor Faves

Ethnic food operation the gamut top top DDD, and Guy totally loves come try new things. In this special, we"ll examine out several of Guy"s favorite spots offer up all kinds of traditional ethnic dishes, from hand-pulled Chinese noodles at serene Restaurant come quesadillas and also tortas at Nopalito and also righteous Guamanian standards like shrimp fritters at PDX 671, this joints room authentic come the bone. And some the the best spots room keepin" that in the family members like the brothers in ~ OB Noodle home cranking out all kinds of asian staples they picked up indigenous pops and the mother/son team in ~ Irazu offer up Costa Rican classics. Sit back, relax, and get all set for your flavor jet to obtain kicked right into high gear. Air day : 24th-Jan-2014Read More

Season 0 episode 15 - amazing Italian

If there"s one thing Guy could eat all day, it"s Italian food. And also on DDD, he"s tasted every kinds of yes, really varieties derived from everywhere the boot. From scratch-made tortellini and house-cured bresaola in ~ the Italian corner to the native Italian chef in ~ Cafe Citti dishin" the end polenta through porcini sauce to the decadent pork sandwiches at Marie"s Italian Specialties. And also who could forget the legendary lobster ravioli at Rino"s Place, or the out of border beef cheek manicotti they"re serving up in ~ Torinos" at Home? these joints room cranking the end homemade Italian bowl that"ll competitor Nonna"s house cooking. Air day : 8th-Feb-2014Read More

Season 0 episode 16 - at sight Sandwiches

On DDD, Guy"s viewed a ton that sammies and there are a couple of he"ll not soon forget. Indigenous the traditional, like the po-boys the whipped up through Emeril Lagasse in ~ Mahoney"s Po-Boy Shop, come the ethnic, choose the outrageous arepas at Pica Pica, to the downright ducky French dip at Beer Belly. The meat in the middle"s taking center stage in standouts like the Smack Shack whereby the lobster is bursting native the bun and at The Refuge wherein Guy"s divin" into an all-out pastrami extravaganza. These joints room bringin" the old bagged lunch staple to a whole new level. Air day : 17th-Feb-2014Read More

Season 0 episode 17 - late Night Legends

On DDD, Guy has sampled several of the finest food in America and its border buddies. Many of those joints have actually a special way of maintaining us up late, prefer polka and also pierogi in ~ Nye"s Polonaise Room, and also servin" increase outrageous food well right into the midnight hour, prefer the around-the-clock menu at Sip and Bite. Indigenous triple decker duck in ~ Tattooed Moose to height notch pub lar at Tampa just Brewing agency to 24-hour clues from coastline to coast, one point all these late night haunts have actually in common is good food at all hours. Air date : 21st-Mar-2014Read More

Season 0 episode 18 - vegas Greats

In this one-hour special, male hits increase a diverse roster of entirely righteous las vegas joints pulling the end all the stops, favor out-of-this people finger foods at Bachi Burger, the generations-old butcher shop slingin" killer ribs at john Mull"s Meats and also Road kill Grill, and the legend spot that was among DDD"s very first restaurants ever before featured — 4 Kegs sporting activities Pub, wherein they"re servin" up every kinds that Italian favorites. Climate he"s headed end to the Bulgarian joint, Forte europe Tapas Bar and Bistro, and also a trip to las vegas wouldn"t be complete without a expedition to Guy"s alma mater, UNLV, where Guy"s checkin" in with the cook department and also cookin" increase Thai Shrimp with Sticky Rice. You have the right to put her money on it — the culinary next of vegas is a complete spread that winners. Air date : 14th-Apr-2014Read More

Season 0 illustration 19 - Crazy because that Chicken

On DDD, the bird is definitely the word. Guy has actually traveled the nation digging right into an incredible range of chicken dishes, and also somehow every new plate uses a twist on the timeless bird. From the garlic chicken in ~ Opal Thai Food to stuffed indigenous American-style tacos at Tocabe, there"s all kinds of unique spins ~ above a farm favorite. Offered crispy, shredded and flavorful to the bone, this one-hour special wouldn"t be complete without a stunner, at Smalley"s Caribbean Barbeque whereby the wings had Guy and also his buddies calling because that mama. Air date : 18th-Apr-2014Read More

Season 0 illustration 20 - real Deal mexican

Some that the tastiest stops on Guy"s DDD road pilgrimage have gone to Mexican joints, whereby generations-old household recipes and totally fresh ingredients integrate to develop incredible food. Coast to coast, from Chicago come Salt Lake City to mountain Diego, brand-new twists top top old classics are maintaining tradition alive. Native the chicken stuffed sopapilla in ~ Salsa Brava come the pozole in ~ La Texanita and the outta bounds acting trout at Momocho, this one-hour unique is stuffed come the brim with south of the border stunners. Air day : 2nd-May-2014Read More

Season 0 illustration 21 - Grilling Greats

Guy has actually traveled far and wide in the ol" Camaro, hitting up a tasty range of butchers, barbecue masters and also grilling greats. In this one-hour DDD special, we"ll relive some of the many incredible dishes ever produced over flames and also inside smokers. We"re hitting every little thing from all-American burgers in Tampa, come smoked deli meat in Toronto, to octopus and also jerk chicken all the method in Hawaii. And a grilling road pilgrimage this stacked wouldn"t be complete without a expedition to Texas for some standard "cue. Tuck a napkin right into your collar and dig in, this meat spectacular will have actually you hankerin" because that seconds. Air date : 21st-Jun-2014Read More

Season 0 illustration 22 - Legends of Texas

In this one-hour special, Guy"s cruising the Lone Star State for a large bite the Texas-style Triple D. Indigenous gumbo to Greek, pizza come burgers and also tasty twisted from Dallas to Houston. We"re reuniting through some familiar deals with along the way, food preparation killer chicken casserole through Matthew McConaughey and also chowing down v football legend Earl Campbell. Plus, we"re opening the vault come head earlier to a classic from the an initial DDD illustration ever. Air day : 28th-Jul-2014Read More

Season 0 illustration 23 - impressive Appetizers

It"s a first-course feast, as guy Fieri digs right into amazing appetizers. Indigenous Miami to Kansas come the Pacific Northwest, he"s grabbing the bomb tots, jalapeno poppers, unique fritters, and also even Rocky hill oysters. Plus, grape leaves and wicked wings in brand-new England, when things gain spicy in brand-new York v atomic fried mac and also cheese. Get ready to keep beginning things off v this sharable one-hour special. Air date : 23rd-Oct-2015Read More

Season 0 illustration 24 - DDD MVPs

This trip, male Fieri"s in the kitchen through some actual Triple-D all-stars, cookin" up every little thing from gangster Greek in Salt Lake City to an imaginative curry in Denver to amazing asian in Miami and North Pole, Alaska. Plus, an off-the-charts taco share in Des Moines and also a Boise, Idaho drive-in serving up prime-time element rib. Air date : 3rd-Jan-2016Read More

Season 0 episode 25 - Pizza Party

This trip, Guy"s roundin" increase the can be fried pizza party anywhere the nation. There"s every little thing from classic Italian in Anaheim, Calif. Come elk sausage in Idaho. Plus, Kansas City, Mo. Curry, Mediterranean in Arizona, a monster pie in Denver, and also funky chicken in Jackson, Wyo. So get ready for this pie-palooza, where the sauce is simmering and also the dough is flying! Air day : 27th-May-2016Read More

Season 0 episode 26 - remarkable Italian

This trip, guy Fieri"s eatin" up every kinds of incredible Italian. Indigenous Boston to san Francisco, Ohio to Omaha, plates space piled v favorites favor pasta, polenta, piccata and also pizza. Plus, in Arizona, a real-deal deli whereby prosciutto is made the months-long, old-school way, and also it wouldn"t it is in Italian without a pilgrimage to Italy, where they"re serving up fresh, local specialties in the town of Pinocchio. Air day : 25th-Nov-2016Read More

Season 0 illustration 27 - human being Class flavor

This trip, man Fieri"s crossing the country to acquire a taste of world-class flavor. From California come Florida and Seattle come Massachusetts, he"s divin" into standard Greek, legit pierogis, and real-deal Belgian waffles made European-style. Also, Puerto Rican mofongo, curry goat indigenous Trinidad, seafood specialties native El Salvador, and Jamaican ox and also pig tails. Therefore grab your passport because that a complete hour of global grub! Air date : 16th-Dec-2016Read More

Season 0 episode 28 - Triple D Nation: Finger Lickin" Chicken

Guy Fieri is chickening out throughout the country, beginning at a sandwich shop external Boston that has customers begging for much more with your once-a-month super Cluckin" sandwich. In Los Angeles, a Filipino favourite is keepin" it genuine with your coconut beef, cornbread and also candy-coated chicken. Plus, a grilled cheese share in Cleveland bring Guy"s catchphrase to life with the Winner Winner Chicken Dinner. Air day : 2nd-Oct-2020Read More

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