Garage door openers are undoubtedly awe worthy. Gone room the work of hands-on opening and also closing the garage doors and shouting from the pavement to have it opened.

The sector is competitive as soon as it pertains to this gadget. Yet it has actually one drawback: once you have actually an old model, it can not be programmed making use of a new remote control. Thankfully, Craftsman garage door openers have addressed that.

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In this post, you will know whatever you need to look out for and master when it comes to programming old Craftsman garage door. Useful FAQs are additionally featured because that future reference.

In this article:

Steps to regime old Craftsman garage door openerBenefits of a Craftsman garage door openerFAQs

Why is my Craftsman garage door no working?

If girlfriend are having actually an worry on your Craftsman garage door or if it seems to have actually stopped working, right here are the probable reasons for this problem:

Dead batteries: When batteries run dead, the transmitters that receive command from your remote manage would not job-related too. As such, no issue how countless press top top the remote, it would not open.Springs room broken: an additional reason is once the tension or torsion springs are broken. Stress springs might break whenever you manually pull the garage door down and also you deserve to hear a large thud. Torsion springs break when you open and close the garage door in short intervals.Enabled disconnect switch: when a power surge happens, the disconnect move is automatically permitted to manually open and close the garage door. If friend forgot to disable it once the power comes on, the garage door would not open.Misaligned photo eye: every garage door has actually two photo eyes. They are situated on the side of the doors. One obtain signal native the transmitter and the other sends them. If one is misaligned, over there is no command sent so the garage door would not work.Misaligned door track: The door monitor is crucial for the door to on slide up and also down. If other is grounding or once it is misaligned, the garage doors would not move.

Materials or tools required to regimen Craftsman garage door opener

To be honest, you execute not need huge tools to regimen your Craftsman garage door opener. Every you need would be little screwdrivers if you have to open the device box.

A modern version of her old Craftsman remote control for updating and also some spare batteries simply in case your remote requirements battery replacement. As well as this, you will simply be needing your fingers because that pressing and holding buttons.

Steps to program old Craftsman garage door opener

Now that you have actually prepared the products needed to regime a Craftsman garage door opener, below are the procedures that girlfriend should understand to finish the task.

1. The first step is to find where the Craftsman garage opener is


It is that huge box placed on the side of her garage doorway, bring about it to relocate up and also to close.

2. The next step would be recognize the ‘learn’ button


It is typically at the backside that the door opener.

3. Press and hold this switch for at the very least 10 seconds


The button should irradiate up because that at least 30 seconds. Just host it down till it stops.

4. Now acquire your Craftsman garage door remote and also press the height button


If it has more than one button, you deserve to press any of them. Organize it down and keep the switch pressed.

5. Go earlier to your Craftsman garage door opener


Find the SRT button. It is at the earlier of the box. Push the SRT switch down if your various other finger is tho pressed on the optimal button.

6. Continue pressing both buttons down till the LED indicator beginning flushing


It can take from half a minute to a minute. As soon as the irradiate starts blinking while you are pushing on the button, you would know that the new program has been set to the remote manage of her old Craftsman garage door opener.

For protection purposes, girlfriend can likewise add more remote controls to program for your old Craftsman garage door. Simply follow the measures here. If you require a good visual because that these steps, click here.

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Benefits that a Craftsman garage door opener

When it comes to garage door openers, Craftsman is just one of the most reputable brands out there. So, what are the benefits of having a Craftsman garage door opener? below is a list for your reference.

Upscale features

Craftsman garage doors have the right to be installed using WiFi and also can be operated handsfree through the use of Smartphone apps. The lull of having actually these functions is not simply for closing and opening the garage door, it also tightens protection for her home since of built-in alarms that will certainly sound if the garage door is open.


Aside from utilizing it through ease, Craftsman garage door openers sell convenience and peace of mind. Even if girlfriend rush for work, you might monitor indigenous your app if girlfriend left the garage door open. If that is open, you deserve to close it through your phone. And also of course, you would not should go out of the automobile to open the garage manually anymore.

Security features

Craftsman garage door openers come with password-encrypted rollers. Friend can readjust the password anytime you desire for an included layer of security. You simply must rental some button pressing and some basic steps.

Safety features

There room a the majority of apprehensions over hands-on garage doors since it could malfunction and might crush anything underneath it. This is particularly risky for dwellings with small kids. To prevent these, Craftsman garage door openers market automatic garage door openers that have the right to censor the proximity that a car and can be opened up or closed using finger tap.


One that the best things about modern Craftsman garage door openers is the they would not reason a huge dent top top your electric bill. The finest evidence because that this is to watch it for yourself.


Another plus for Craftsman garage door openers would certainly be their integrated LED lights neighboring its frame. This is handy throughout dark winter nights or once your garage light gets busted.


Now that you know exactly how to regimen your Craftsman garage door opener, you additionally must it is in acquainted through some valuable FAQs to guide you must future problems arise. As such, right here is a summary of the constant questions asked about programming an old Craftsman garage door opener.

How much time does it take to program an old Craftsman garage door opener?

Installing the an equipment could take it from six to eight hours, max. However programming, resetting, and erasing pre-programmed setups would just take a few seconds come a couple of minutes. The is likewise important the you inspect the model of her Craftsman garage door opener since they come with various programming buttons and also configurations.

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What room the 3 buttons on a Craftsman garage door opener?

Usually, garage door openers only have actually two buttons, however Craftsman provides garage door openers with 3 buttons. Each of the buttons receives a distinct signal from the transmitter. From the left, the first button is used to activate the garage door opener.

The second switch is provided to activate the access gate and also the 3rd button is pressed to activate an additional garage door operator like an additional remote control, a phone call app, or various other wireless receivers.

Where is the SRT button on a Craftsman garage door opener?

The SRT button is needed in programming her old Craftsman garage door opener. Usually, the SRT button is located at the earlier panel once you open the main unit. It is surrounding to the white wires near the wall control. You should likewise check the design of your Craftsman garage door opener because the keyless models do not have actually one.

How execute you regimen a Craftsman garage door opener through a violet button?

Craftsman garage door openers models from 2003-2011 feature a purple ‘learn’ button. They room specifically make to receive 315mHz frequency. Purple find out buttons are compatible v the adhering to remote controls:

371LM371AC373p895 MAX375LM

Programming ‘learn’ buttons reasonably follow the exact same steps. As such, you must follow these steps:

Press and also release the purple button for just 5 seconds. Carry out not hold the button down or every pre-programmed setups shall be erased. Inspect if the LED lamp flick because that 30 seconds.In that 30-second home window time, press any type of button in the far control. Friend may have to press a pair of buttons or one button for several times prior to it can pick up.As shortly as the far LED indicator blinks twice, it means that friend have successfully programmed your purple button garage door opener.If nothing happens, check the far if it have the right to operate your garage door up and down. If the door does no move, repeat the process.

How to regime old Craftsman garage door opener with DIP switches

DIP stand for twin Inline Package i m sorry is found in larger models that Craftsman garage door openers. They are usually situated inside the far control, close to the batteries. The is encased in a on slide cover. Once you open the cover, you will check out at the very least eight rows of small switches.

To regimen Craftsman garage door openers with DIP switches, here are three procedures to follow:

First, complement the exterior receivers of your old remote and your dive switch. They must be leveled in the same direction.Check because that the position of the 2 switches. The switches could be up and also down arrows, left and right arrows, or +, -, and 0.Using a pencil tip, match the construction of the old far to the brand-new remote. Placed the DIP ago in the casing and test if your garage door opens and closes. If that does no work, repeat the process, or reset configuration.

How execute I reset mine old Craftsman garage door keypad?

Even if you space using one old Craftsman garage door keypad, you still need that extra layer of security. Because that that, you have to reset the code every now and then. Right here are three easy steps to reset her old Craftsman garage door keypad.

Locate the ‘learn’ or ‘smart’ button on the motor unit that the garage door opener.Within a 30-second window time, press and enter your brand-new four-digit code.After beginning your new code top top the keypad, wait because that the LED indicator of the motor unit come blink. Release automatically as quickly as the blinks.

Why is mine Craftsman garage door no closing completely?

There are only three reasons as to why your Craftsman garage door is not closing every the way. Right here are the 3 most common reasons why this happens:

The door’s rollers space busted or rusting.The security sensors of the garage door are damaged and need replacement.The close-limit switch might need re-adjusting or it is collection wrong.There space obstructions blocking the rollers come slide.


To wrap the up, programming her old Craftsman garage door opener does not require rocket scientific research solving or hefty lifting. Every you need to do is come memorize a couple of simple actions to do the programming work.

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The good thing is that contemporary remote controls room compatible with any type of model that Craftsman garage door openers. This is a large plus since this method that you can control your garage door at ease. You can also notch it up a bit by experimenting hands-free ways to operate it.