There room 2 means to get from Savannah come Hilton Head Island through taxi or car

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The cost-effective method to get from Savannah to Hilton Head Island is come drive, which expenses $3-$6 and also takes 56 min.

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The quickest method to get from Savannah to Hilton Head Island is come taxi which prices $85-$110 and also takes 56 min.

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The distance between Savannah and Hilton Head Island is 23 miles. The roadway distance is 36.7 miles.

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The best means to gain from Savannah to Hilton Head Island without a auto is come taxi which takes 56 min and costs $85-$110.

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It takes about 56 min to journey 36.7 mile from Savannah to Hilton Head Island.

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Yes, the control distance between Savannah come Hilton Head Island is 37 miles. It takes approximately 56 min to journey from Savannah to Hilton Head Island.

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There are 464+ hotels accessible in Hilton Head Island. Prices begin at $100USD per night.

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Savannah → Hilton Head Island
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The national COVID-19 helpline number in Hilton Head Island is 800-232-4636.

perform I need to wear a challenge mask top top public deliver in Hilton Head Island?

Hilton Head Island, United says

Hilton Head Island, periodically referred to as simply Hilton Head, is a Lowcountry resort town and also barrier island in Beaufort County, southern Carolina, unified States. The is 20mi northeast the Savannah, Georgia, and also 95mi southwest of Charleston. The island is named after Captain wilhelm Hilton, that in 1663 determined a headland close to the enntrance gate to Port imperial Sound, i beg your pardon mapmakers called "Hilton"s Headland." The island attributes 12mi that beachfront top top the Atlantic Ocean and also is a renowned vacation destination. In 2004, an approximated 2.25 million tourists infused more than $1.5 billion right into the regional economy. The year-round population was 37,099 in ~ the 2010 census, although during the height of summer holidays season the populace can swell come 150,000. Over the past decade, the island"s populace growth rate was 32%. Hilton Head Island is a primary city within the Hilton Head Island-Bluffton-Beaufort urban area, which had an estimated populace of 207,413 in 2015. - Wikipedia