You might or may not recognize that American Eagle just recently prolonged their sizing. Prior to July 2019, they lugged up come a 16 in-store and also up to a 20 online. Now, they carry up to a 24 online. Shout out to my high institution friend, Rachel, that works in ~ American Eagle and also told me which size are carried in-store.

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That’s the simple part of this post.

The more complex part comes as soon as I state the this was my very first time important shopping at American Eagle. Permit me tell girlfriend why.

I was a tween and also teen in the 2000s, which was the height of popularity for stores favor Hollister, Abercrombie & Fitch, Aeropostale, Victoria’s an enig PINK, Charlotte Russe and American Eagle. I only had actually a pair of items from every of these stores for 2 reasons:

My household couldn’t afford to shop at this stores. We spent our dollars at Kohl’s and Old Navy, mostly.Most of the time, the was difficult for me to uncover my size in these stores.

I want to say an initial off, that i am not ashamed of no being able to afford this stores. Mine parents operated (and tho work) hard to support me and also my brother. I want to shop at this stores due to the fact that everyone rather my period was. I wanted to fit in, an easy as that.

But, also if we had an countless budget, would I have actually been maybe to discover my size?

When those stores opened up or became popular, they were notorious for having actually really little sizing. Ns remember one anecdote going around my school that a girl that typically wore a dimension 7, had actually to undertake a size 11 at Hollister. (That equates to an 8 and also a 12. Junior sizing is odd number for part reason.)

So, I created off those stores. I had actually a pair of piece from every of them, including some indigenous the men’s ar at Hollister. (The Jake cologne quiet smells good, struggle me.) Those shop weren’t because that me and also as mine size rose up right into the higher plus sizes, i knew those stores were acquiring farther from my reach also if I could afford them. And I was okay v that, other than for as soon as my friends want to go shopping. That’s simply a sucky situation. Bless those girlfriend of mine that wanted to walk to shoe stores, Kohl’s and also Old Navy. Or much better yet, thrift stores.

I didn’t offer these shop a 2nd thought till I heard from plus dimension influencers that ns follow the these stores, especially American Eagle and also Aerie (formerly Aeropostale), prolonged their sizing. Ns thought here is my opportunity to shot the American Eagle jeans that have a reputation throughout age groups to be the best. I understand I could have notified online, yet there is something special and also important around being able to walk right into a save and try on clothes and then walk out with new purchases. I likewise was interested in trying a brand that is my style and is obtainable to most people.

Side note, i did try Aerie underwear and also I can confirm the they are great and can fit higher plus sizes, maybe even up come a 24. But, ya know, I’m not going to display you my booty on the net so girlfriend won’t get a review of those items. (If you want to recognize which formats I liked, DM me on facebook or Instagram.)

Before I get into the apparel I tried on, I desire to say something in complete disclosure. I don’t commonly wear tight blue jeans or trousers of any type of kind for the matter. I would rather them it is in oversized since I think castle are an ext comfortable and I prefer the look of a looser jean. I deserve to wear from a dimension 18 come a dimension 22, depending on the brand, and also that equates to one XL approximately a 3X.

And lastly, everything you just read wasn’t easy for me come write. I’ve spent a long time deciding to love myself no matter what the scale states or what size my pants are. I wanted to tell friend a small bit around how the felt cultivation up and also living as a plus dimension woman. Brands are just now making it basic for me to shop. (Don’t gain me started on active wear or sustainable clothing.)

My allude is everyone deserves to feel and look beautiful. It’s around damn time the brands stepped up and also stopped making plus size people feel less than others since of their size.

I had actually to wait until Virginia entered Phase 3 that Reopening after the COVID-19 pandemic since the dressing rooms in ~ American Eagle to be not open up yet. No large deal. I checked out the American Eagle in ~ the Apple flower Mall in Winchester, Virginia top top July 1. Every the employees were very, very kind and also were practicing society distancing and wearing masks.

Because the the pandemic, the store appeared bare and also the garments were much more spread the end then usual, which i didn’t mind. I made decision six items, 2 tops, one dress, one pair of shorts and two bag of jeans. I steered clear of numerous items in the store, sadly because they only went up to an XL and also were not a stretchy or forgiving fabric. However, I might see that several of the items were oversized come go v the American Eagle aesthetic and, as you will certainly see, i tried two of those item on.


There were not plenty of XL’s in store and also there to be not many size 18’s and 20’s in the jeans section, i m sorry is what i was expecting. Sorry no sorry.

Item #1: AE Soft & Sexy V-Neck T-Shirt

My dimension – XL

I had heard about the Soft & Sexy variety before and wanted to shot that out for myself. Ns mean, they are supposed to it is in super soft. I’m sold.

I do the efforts on a v-neck t-shirt in the shade sea foam in one XL. It was super soft and also fit me okay. That was longer in the front and also the ago and scooped up on the sides. It also had longer brief sleeves, which ns liked. I would have actually tucked the in like I go in the picture on the right. This tee didn’t to the right me specifically how ns would have actually wanted. Ns would have wanted the a little more oversized, so ns passed.


Item #2: AE published Tunic Babydoll Top

My dimension – XL 

I uncovered this tunic top on the clearance rack in a white floral publish with a black color background. What offered me was the overlapping fit and plunging back. (Excuse my face while I try to show you the back.) I ended up going back to the clearance rack and also finding that in a lavender color, which i bought. I chosen the floral print, however am feather for more purple in my wardrobe, so this right the ticket.

You can tell in the fit the it is produced someone v a smaller chest 보다 me due to the fact that there is a seam that goes across my bust. I pulled it down a bit and it didn’t look therefore odd. (Check mine Instagram in the next few days for exactly how I wore the purple peak IRL!)


Item #3: AE oversized Fleece Babydoll Dress

My size – XL

I tried on this dress, i beg your pardon felt like a sweatshirt, in a size XL. It to be comfortable, fit mine aesthetic and also was cute. The only thing ns didn’t like about it was where the drop belt hit ~ above me. I would have actually liked it reduced or higher. The length on the sleeves and also the skirt were perfect.

It was one of the only dresses in the keep that was a stretchy fabric that, on first glance, looked preferred something that would certainly fit me.

When to buy online, the word “oversized” can be a good indicator that an object has some extra room in it.


Item #4: AE High-Waisted Ruffled Tulip runner Short

My dimension – XL

These floral shorts, i m sorry I also tried on in a dimension XL, were a risky choice. They were made the end of no-stretch polyester and did no fit me well. Castle clung to mine legs and also belly and I actually ended up not liking the ruffle. It type of flared up, once I want it come lay down. This was a bummer because I choose shorts like these.

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Item #5: AE big Curvy mommy Jean

My dimension – 20

I gravitated towards mommy jeans due to the fact that they are supposed to it is in looser in the leg, i beg your pardon is my vibe. This jeans, which ns tried on in the best size castle had, a 20, were really soft and comfortable in the leg. I believed the ripping was excessive, but the wash was nice. The waist, however, was so tight I probably wouldn’t have actually been an extremely comfortable. I really liked how they right in the leg, which makes me think the sizing increase would median that they would fit unique at the waist and also be as well oversized on the leg.