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“When I saw it in new York, you can hear a pen drop because people were scared around where it was going, and that was its intention,” screenwriter Steve Kloves stated ago in 2011. The course, the is talking about the moment in i beg your pardon Harry and Hermione share a run in the tent adhering to Ron’s leave in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – part 1. For this feature, i would prefer to examine how the on-screen chemistry in between Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, and the use of emotive music, allows for this scene to be my favorite minute from the penultimate Potter film.

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Before the movie’s release ago in 2010, ns did as countless Potter pan did and also took the possibility to reread the Harry Potter and also the Deathly Hallows novel, refresh my memory, and also prepare myself because that what to be to come leading as much as the release date. When the movie adaptations have a knack for cutting subplots and changing who claims what, I never expected them to add a scene that would certainly spark such conflict in an already tension-filled film. Ns should mention here that i am personally not someone that ships bother Potter and also Hermione Granger together, despite I’m no opposed to the idea of them being in a partnership either. However, because that the many part, ns have constantly viewed Harry and Hermione just as finest friends, and also it’s because that that factor that I uncover the surprised dance in between them uncomfortable in all the finest ways and also incredibly moving.

Credit should go to the usage of music in this scene, a allude also elevated by Steve Kloves in the video referenced above. That is a Muggle track that Harry and also Hermione dance to, do the minute all the an ext intimate as they room the 2 members of the golden trio who thrived up as Muggles. However, it’s not just that which makes “O Children” by Nick cavern & the poor Seeds the perfect and also emotive song to attribute in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – part 1. The lyrics themselves add to the currently heavy setting that lingers in the tent.

“Hey, little train! We are all jumping on the train the goes come the Kingdom. We’re happy, Ma, we’re having actually fun. It’s beyond my wildest expectation” is only an extract that the text that have the right to be heard throughout the scene. Still, ns can’t help but associate the train through the hogwarts Express and the kingdom with Hogwarts lock itself. Listening to the text sung by Nick cavern & the negative Seeds in ~ this allude only highlights because that me simply how far the personalities have come due to the fact that that very first train journey earlier in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s rock as well as how different their resides are currently that they are out in the real world and are no much longer safely tucked away inside the lock – in ~ least, as safe together one is in ~ the wall surfaces of Hogwarts. Recurring in the lyrics is also the song’s title, “O Children,” which only additional reminds viewers that we space seeing 2 17-year-old kids who were compelled to grow up lot too soon and for the most unpleasant reasons.

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In enhancement to the song, how Daniel Radcliffe and also Emma Watson portray their characters likewise adds come the tension of the scene. Manager David Yates says in behind-the-scenes footage, “In the center of that dancing, they get really close, and it starts to get complex in a means because it’s friendship, yet it almost becomes miscellaneous else. Girlfriend can virtually feel as soon as they’re alone together that it might slip right into something that was much more than just friendship, and that tension, ns think, is really interesting.”


It all happens when reality sets earlier in when again, and Harry and Hermione’s dance pertains to an end. The 2 pull away from every other and also linger in a minute that makes countless viewers sure they are around to kiss. Even if it is you watch the scene with eagerness and hope that they perform or even if it is you watch it while screaming in ~ the screen and terrified lock might, there’s no debating the this moment certainly achieves the impact that the movie equipments hoped it would. For me, it was this minute of “will they, i will not ~ they?” that had me top top the edge of my seat and even asking myself, “Do I desire them to?” as I proclaimed before, I have never transport Harry and Hermione together a pair, yet I’ve never been opposed to it either. However, though ns knew that more complications would arise if they did kiss, such together the 2 of them having actually to challenge both Ginny and also Ron and undoubtedly disclose what had happened between them, i couldn’t avoid myself wondering, “What if?” For that reason, this scene conveniently became and still is my favorite minute from Deathly Hallows – component 1.


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