“Does Hilton Hotels and Resorts drug test for employment?” This is a inquiry on the minds of countless job seekers looking to job-related at one of the biggest hotel chains in the world. Functioning at Hilton Hotels and also Resorts (“Hilton Hotels”) is great, particularly if friend don’t have actually much in the means of task experience and are feather to occupational in the service industry.

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People who use recreational drugs regularly worry about whether or not a prospective employer such as Hilton Hotels medicine tests as component of their interview process. This is since failing one unanticipated drug test would many likely result in the interviewee not gaining the job. You could do exceptionally fine in her interview and also still not get the job because you were unprepared for a surprise drug test.

This is the reason why I chose to research whether or not Hilton Hotels medicine tests for employment. The outcomes of my research should help those who usage drugs recreationally understand where they stand with respect to the Hilton many hotels hiring process.

Hilton Hotel firm Facts

Hilton hotels was started in 1919, specifically 100 years ago. Hilton hotels was, and also continues to be, one of the biggest hotel chain in the world with visibility in 85 countries across six continents. This is no surprise considering the hotel chain’s global reputation for quality and also excellence the service.

There space many varieties of work that a human can take into consideration at a Hilton Hotels. The easiest jobs requiring the the very least experience space those involve dealing directly with the hotel’s clients. Together jobs encompass being a waiter in among the hotel’s restaurants or porter that greet the guests and carries your luggage come the room. Functioning in the kitchen no require much in the way of job experience either, unless you’re using to be among the hotel’s top chefs.

If you have the experience and a degree in Hotel Management, girlfriend could apply for a managerial place at Hilton Hotels. You could even consider using to regulate a hotel yourself. There are additionally corporate jobs accessible at Hilton hotels in locations such as person resources management and accounting.

That’s the great thing around such big corporate entities such together Hilton Hotels. Every little thing it is the you’re good at, you’ll many likely uncover a task that suits your talents as the jobs accessible at Hilton are so numerous and diverse.


If girlfriend are recorded by surprise, or cannot stop using marijuana because that at the very least 48 hours, you should have actually a specially design mouth detox product handy.

As urine medicine test is more difficult drug check to pass, you need to think about the following vital facts:If you room a heavy user, you might test hopeful for THC indigenous 35 up to 90 days from her last use. So, in order to boost your odds of passing the test, friend either need to abstain indigenous marijuana for a an extensive period the time or finish a entirety body decoding program.

If you nothing have sufficient time to complete a Toxin escape program, top top your drug test job you may take into consideration using a detox drink favor Mega Clean or XXTRA Clean.

We have actually seen in emergency instances where the drug test is unsupervised some individuals trying come use artificial urine. However, there is constantly the risk of being caught and facing major penalties for such action.


Hilton hotels is a good place to work. The atmosphere is good and friend can gain lots of endure working there. Simply make certain to asking the civilization who job-related there about the possibility of medicine testing because it appears that there room variations between different locations.

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Wewould love come hear around your experiences going through Hilton hotels hiring procedure and drug testing procedures.

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