Alamo Pecan & Coffee proudly ships the end fresh pecans indigenous the most present pecan crop. This delicious nuts room packed full of great nutrients and tremendous flavor, however as with any perishable product, warehouse is a vital factor. Mental these straightforward first-hand pecan warehouse tips, and eat ‘em up every year round!!


The length of time you have the right to keep pecans in the shell depends on how you keep them. You desire to store whole-in-store-pecans in one airtight container or zip lock bag, and also then place them in a document bag. Be certain to keep it in a cool, dry location for instant use.

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If you space wondering just how long you have the right to keep pecans in the refrigerator, the answer is: Refrigerating will certainly extend and preserve the flavor for as much as 6 months. If you desire to save for the maximum quantity of time, then freezing is an choice as well. Using the exact same storage tips as above, you may freeze fresh pecans for up to 2 years.

To avoid removing the totality frozen batch native the freezer everytime you need pecans, store them in smaller sized usable amounts, which avoids the refreezing process. If the shell reasons a slight hold-up in consumption and readiness for your recipes, whole-in-shell pecans deserve to be stored for a longer duration of time 보다 shelled nuts.


Basically, you monitor the same storage tips from above, but remember the a cracked seed is exposed and also vulnerable to soaking up odors, consisting of shelf, refrigerator, and also freezer odors. You don’t want to leave her bag the cracked pecans sitting alongside a bunch that bananas, or any type of fruit or food item that is extremely fragrant through natural and also distinct odors.

Your delicious pecans will certainly pick increase those nearby odors, and you will lose the sweet, nutty wealth of the pecan as result of the soaked up flavors. Because that example, one customer put her bag that pecans close to some breath mints, and her pecans tasted bad and minty. Back the bag of mints was sealed, the odor was still absorbed, together it sat in nearby proximity to the nuts in a closeup of the door pantry. The most necessary thing come remember with any kind of nut is the unbroken covering protects the nuts meat indigenous bruising, and also offers protection against oxidation and also rancidity that the kernels.


Shelled pecans call for a greater level of warehouse requirements, regardless of even if it is they are pecan halves or broken pecan pieces. Your color and also flavor need to be maintained. Once again you room battling with the odors and also aromas of your pantry/storage preference.

If you are a nut-fanatic (which is a an excellent thing), use an airtight canister, and also keep it right by your traditional flour and also sugar canisters. It’s constantly smart to keep 2 cups of pecans ready and also on standby for snacking, cooking, or baking.

When freezing, constantly freeze smaller sized recipe-ready quantities of shelled pecans. Dual bag them for freshness, and also once frozen, this yummy and addicting nuts will be tasty, plump and also light in color.

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One last tip, return no defrosting is required, together pecans space recipe all set at all times, remember come taste for freshness. Poor storage conditions will create a darkening the the kernel/nut, and create rancidity the the oils, which destroys the natural flavor and also aroma that the pecan.