Setting a world record bring away skill and also effort. Acquiring your document officially certified by Guinness bring away planning. Here’s how to make certain your accomplishment makes the in the record books.

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Farhaan Shoaib, 12, to adjust a Guinness people Record for “Most bounces that a soap bubble on a soap film” — 113 bounces — as an adjudicator from Guinness world Records counts. Photo by Allan dutch taken in ~ the civilization Bubble Festival in Caernarfon, phibìc Wales.
My earliest storage of Guinness world Records is from a publication I watched of the elementary institution library. Ns remember reading through the whole thing, entranced by the idea the you could be the finest in the people at something. My family visited a Guinness museum ~ above vacation, and I watched the three-year operation of the television show.

Several year ago, ns was almost component of a mass participation effort that fell apart when several that the an essential people finished up having to move out of city at the critical minute (as you’ll check out below, massive participation records are challenging to organize.) ns didn’t yes, really think of the again until after i completed my an initial marathon. Someone mentioned that there to be a Guinness world Record for heaviest human to complete a marathon — i m sorry was organized by a man. I contacted Guinness to check out if that was possible to division the group into male and also female. (They execute not, together yet, have a group for transgender/non-binary, however I would absolutely support anyone who wanted to ask because that one.) lock agreed to execute so, however told me that ns couldn’t acquire the record retroactively: I had to use in advance.

And that’s the story of exactly how I happened a two-time marathoner and set the Guinness human being Record because that Heaviest mrs to finish a Marathon.

I learned a lot about completing marathons and a many about setup Guinness Records. Since setup the record, a number of people have asked me because that help. That a tricky, detail-oriented process. Missing details have the right to mean failing to acquire the record, also if friend succeed at the attempt. This guide is design to assist you make sure you gain all those details covered.

Why carry out it?

Why would certainly someone desire to set an main Guinness world Record? Certainly, acquiring the validation of gift the ideal in the world at miscellaneous is a good enough factor for many. However it transforms out that bragging rights aren’t the only reason. Return you nothing win any type of money by setup records, lot of of people and also companies usage the document for marketing and also publicity. That a great way to admire clients and customers the you space the ideal at what you do.

Not every record-holder makes it right into the book, though. Determinants like as soon as you collection your record and also the quality of the images that you acquire play a role. So, some civilization are featured in the publication with pictures, part are detailed in the book, and everyone is listed online. One of the things that identify whether or not you obtain in the published book is the quality and also interest the the pictures that girlfriend submit v your record evidence.

There room two basic types the records. The first is an separation, personal, instance record, choose being the person who make the many sausages in one minute. That’s the form of document I set.

There are likewise mass authorized records, like largest gathering of civilization dressed together Smurfs, or most people making huge bubbles. That’s among the records completed by Paola Dyboski-Bryant, owner that Dr Zigs extraordinary Bubbles. Paola is the mastermind behind the very first World bubble Festival in September, 2018, the included whole day committed to people setup individual records and also two mass participation records about bubble-making. Paola was kind sufficient to share she experiences and expertise with mass authorized record-setting with me for this article.


318 civilization making bubbles in a lock in Wales!

Paola and also co-organiser Caroline Ainsle, native Bubbly Maths, worked very closely with Guinness for a job of record-making as component of the bubble festival, organized in conjunction v an worldwide conference of balloon makers, “Bubble DAZE.” The record-setting events spanned 2 locations: a theater and also and old castle in Caernarfon, north Wales. Paola’s reason for setting records was to develop the sort of excited that might involve both the community of bubblers as well as the surrounding ar of Caernarfon. Together she told me, “The thought of act a civilization record for me to be just constantly about, ‘How around we perform it with the many people? How about we get more people involved and also share the fun?’”

Applying for her Record

With Guinness, record-making goes together with strict adherence to the rules. Their rules are extremely specific, and also they take them very seriously — after all, that’s the only method they deserve to keep your reputation. They may require created witness statements, stewards, video of the whole attempt, signed statements indigenous the event organizers, and also more.

Knowing how to apply for her record and also work with Guinness ensures the your effort gets their stamp of approval and makes it right into their records.

Guinness requires that you submit an application to collection or break a document in advance, and that application should then it is in approved. It’s not a complicated process, yet it deserve to take a while, so start as quickly as you can.

Most record breakers have to prepare at least 12 main in advance, and it deserve to take 12 main or an ext after the attempt for Guinness come officially verify it.

It’s feasible pay for expedited solutions (more on that below), however in basic the previously you start, the better.

Choose your record

Want to collection a record, however not sure what come try? Jason Shen, in his write-up What You deserve to Learn From human being Who Have damaged World Records, notes the you should build on something you already good at:

If you desire to be the best, it helps to begin in one area the you already have part grounding and also can develop from. Numerous of the record-breakers that i interviewed relied ~ above this strategy.

Will Carlough hold the civilization record for highest score because that the NES video clip game ice Climbers, in ~ 1,975,670 points.

Will go not simply pick up the game one day, occupational at it for a few months, and set the record. Together a child, he had spent years of his childhood with just a grasp of video clip games, including Ice Climbers, offering him numerous practice with the game’s mechanics.


My an individual story: setup the civilization record for Aztec push-ups was not something ns attempted the end of the blue. The movement requires far much more flexibility and coordination than numerous other fitness records. But as a former NCAA national champion gymnast, ns had currently invested well over 10,000 hours of cultivate in explosive, combination movements, v routines that generally took between 45 and 90 seconds to complete. So as soon as I found out — nearly by accident — that there was a document for most variety of Aztec Push-Ups in one minute (31), i was maybe to quickly top the number (the record I set is now 50).

You can say I had actually been training because that Aztec push-ups my totality life.

The documents Showcase highlights some of the range of records Guinness will certainly certify. It’s necessary to note that there space some types of records they won’t consider. You should certainly read their list of usual reasons for document rejections, which contains a list of the kinds of records that no eligible for certification.

There are two types of document attempts — break an present record, or setup a brand new record. The very first part the the application procedure involves a find to discover out if the record you want to break already exists. If that does, you have the right to apply and also then lock send you her guidelines. That doesn’t expense anything to break an currently record, uneven you desire to salary for additional services native Guinness.

If the record you want collection doesn’t exist yet, you’ll have to use to set a new record. This can considerably extend her wait time so, again, start early. You’ll pay at the very least $5 for gaining approval top top a new record and setting it.

Choose her Level of business from Guinness

Guinness supplies three basic options for setting a record.

Account regulated Services

Also detailed as “Invite one adjudicator” ~ above the Guinness site, this is the fastest and also most high-quality option. You gain a committed concierge to guide you v the process, and an official Adjudicator (judge) at your occasion (which, as you’ll check out below, saves you a ton that work.) your application, evidence, and also questions will receive immediate review and response. You obtain a certificate presentation at her attempt, and licensing of the Guinness logo. The cost varies (they only carry out a price ~ above request), however it is thousands of dollars.

This alternative is largely used through businesses and also organizations that room using the Guinness record attempt to generate awareness and publicity.

Priority services — applications Review and Evidence Review

Priority solutions are choices for completing your application and submitting your materials yourself—you don’t gain the dedicated concierge. One is to assist you v the application procedure before you attempt the record; the other is to assist you with the review procedure after her attempt.

The very first is one expedited application review, which it s okay your application reviewed (and hopefully approved) in just five company days fairly than 12 weeks. It at this time runs $800 USD for breaking an existing document (more if friend are setting a brand-new record).

After your attempt, girlfriend can additionally purchase expedited proof review for around $650 USD. This gets your record attempt reviewed in ~ five service days, rather than waiting for 12 weeks.

With both priority services, you additionally receive priority support, so you get any kind of questions reply in two working days.

This option is normally used by groups, or by civilization who require to finish their record by a certain deadline.

Standard Application

This is the cheap one. New records expense $5 USD, however otherwise over there is no fee for this option. It just takes extra time. ~ your application is accepted, it commonly takes at the very least 12 weeks to acquire your specific guidelines for setting the record.

Then, after her attempt, girlfriend submit your evidence and also it takes at least one more 12 mainly to discover out if your record is certified. If you have actually questions during the process, it generally takes two weeks to gain them answered.

This is the alternative that ns used. In truth, if I had actually extra money ns would have actually gone with the priority service, at least for the evidence review. It take it fifteen mainly to get my document certified (when ns submitted my evidence they permit me understand what the wait time was, and gave me the alternative to pay to expedite, which ns declined.) It to be fifteen mainly of stressing out around whether or no my efforts had been enough, and also as a speaker and also activist, it diminished the publicity influence of setting the record.

Because the the particularly nature that Paola’s event, Guinness available to provide on-site adjudicators and also photography for free. Her records were certified instantly by people whose task is literally to take trip to sites where documents are being attempted and certify the the rules were followed, and also the documents achieved. Remember: Guinness is basically in organization to offer their document books and generate enthusiasm for record-setting. A spectacular setting, dramatic photos, and a good story can all make her record an ext appealing for them to feature.

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An crucial thing to keep in mind around your applications is that once it is approved, Guinness will send you important details around what you have to do to claim the record, and also information around the documentation lock will call for to certify it.