It’s always important come make sure you’re attract the suitable running gear – and also that you’re wearing that correctly. Yet in part cases, it deserve to be yes, really awkward come ask because that advice. “How need to I stay this?” could seem choose an embarrassingly an easy question. To run tights – especially for men (and periodically for women!)- are among these cases.

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In this article, we’ll covering some an easy tips around what come wear under running tights. Then you don’t need to feel awkward about asking your ideal friend who’s a runner! We’ve obtained you extended (literally).


Commando vs Underwear

If you’re new to running, you might not know the suitable procedure for wearing tights—am I an alleged to go commando (i.e. No underwear)? Typically, most human being wear strong underwear, although it is up to your an individual preference.

For part women, though, walk commando is a video game changer since it feels an ext comfortable to them, especially in the summer once the last point that they desire is another layer.

If friend think you’d like going commando, yet are curious about the sanitariness the it, you’re probably simply as safe going commando together you would be through undies. Yeast infections tend to happen when it’s moist down there, yet that’s walk to it is in the situation after a sweaty workout even if you’re put on underwear.

But girlfriend do must be careful about chafing as soon as you walk commando. This deserve to lead to infection or in ~ the an extremely least discomfort, particularly if girlfriend keep everything shaved or waxed. In this case, wearing underwear will keep these worries at bay.

If friend decide the going commando is simply a tiny too out there because that you, grab the underwear—both brief or boxer layout will work. If it’s cold, you might want to take into consideration wearing merino wool.

Tips because that Men

So, guys wearing running tights is a pretty brand-new thing, and also there yes, really isn’t a societal norm as to what is acceptable. The huge question for plenty of men is carry out I undertake shorts end tights? Really, either choice works, although there are solid opinions ~ above both sides of the issue.

I personally have actually known much more guys who wear shorts over their tights (which they commonly wear in the winter anyway, for this reason the shorts provide them one extra layer), yet it’s approximately you. If you carry out wear shorts, you’ll be much more comfortable if girlfriend wear shorts there is no a liner (or cut out an currently liner).

But wear everything you feel many comfortable in. Girlfriend can also wear a longer, tunic-length shirt if you’d prefer to wear tights there is no shorts yet still feeling a small weird.


Tips for Women

As us all know, to run tights and leggings because that women have caused rather the discussion in the media around the appropriateness of wearing leggings in public. While generally the emphasis isn’t the gym, due to the fact that leggings/tights are seen as athletic wear, civilization still discuss if it’s ideal for ladies to stay leggings.

If you feeling self-conscious in tights, friend can always wear a much longer shirt or coat so the your behind is more covered, yet you deserve to still acquire the benefit of garments that is much more fitted.

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I personally grew up in a more conservative family, and I never would have worn leggings/tights in high school also to exercise. But I’ve loosened up as I’ve gained older. To run tights are means more comfortable to operation in when it’s cold 보다 baggier pants, and also I commonly need the extra layers anyway to store warm. So i wear leggings and a much longer shirt.

I tend to undertake compression shorts in the summer due to the fact that they room much an ext comfortable in my opinion, and I would wear lock year-round if that were heat enough. But again, all of this is very personal. I have actually several friends that exercise and run in leggings year-round regardless of the temperature.

And when some females can definitely wear them suggestively, I’ve commonly found that many women that wear running tights/leggings in ~ the gym or out for a run aren’t trying to flaunt anything. Leggings space a functional, comfortable option for practice clothing.

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In the end, it’s as much as you what you wear under her running tights and what friend wear end them. If you’re still not sure, see what your friends perform or just go through your gut instinct. You’ll likely pick what is most comfortable for you.