While over there is lot of to be excited around when it concerns thinking around a long-term career at Food Lion, the short term is what have the right to hurt you. The starting pay because that this retail supermarket keep is person who is abnormal low and also inadequate for most human being who apply.

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As you’ll watch below, also though the minimum hourly pay is not as much as standards, the chance to advance within the agency is excellent.Below, you’ll see many important details such as:The Food Lion starting payThe number of hours friend will work-related full-timePart-time hoursExamples of move you will be workingThe jobs accessible and their typical hourly wages and also salariesWhen you obtain paid through Food LionPay raisesThe break policyDress code

Food Lion beginning Pay

So, how much does Food Lion pay per hour as soon as you’re hired? The average starting pay is approximately $9.15 one hour. Even at H-E-B wherein the beginning pay because that a bagger is around $10 an hour, the average start hourly fairy for various other workers is $14 one hour. This is a far greater starting salary and also worth looking into if there is one H-E-B store in your area.At Publix, the average starting pay is anywhere between $10-$12 an hour. Therefore, Food Lion, as effective as the firm is, payment its employees a really low entry-level hourly rate. If friend are in search of a higher-paying project right indigenous the start, you’ll need to look elsewhere.

Food Lion full-time Hours

On average, full-time workers in ~ Food Lion get everywhere from 31 to 40 hrs of work every week. This go not encompass the occasional overtime the presents itself once a coworker calls the end sick.

Part-Time Hours

Scheduled part-time hours are anywhere between 15 come 29 hrs a week. Management teams often tend to offer high-performing associates much more hours 보다 those who have yet come prove themselves.Therefore, if you begin out during your very first week of employed staff with just a handful of hours, store your chin up and also work tough so you have the right to impress her management. Friend may be able to secure many much more hours that weekly scheduled work-related in a brief amount that time.

Food Lion change Hours

Here room some instances of shifts while working at the stores:7 am to 3 PM8 to be to 12 PM2 pm to 10 PM3 afternoon to 11 PM6 afternoon to 10 PMOf course, change hours vary between stores. However, the above-mentioned ones are several of the many common change hours you’ll find at Food Lion.

Food Lion Pay

The median Food Lion pay rate varies in between different positions. The following information will give you a thorough explanation the the median pay you have the right to possibly suppose after gaining hired at Food Lion.

Food Lion associate Pay

The mean associate who has been working for a pair of year earns around $10.85 an hour. This quantities to $434 a week and also a yearly value of $22,568.In numerous states in the US, this is well listed below a living wage for one adult. However, v a tiny overtime sprinkled here and also there, you can turn this figure into approximately $25,500 a year.

Food Lion Cashier Pay

The mean Food Lion cashier makes approximately $10.45 one hour. This would be roughly $418 a week and also $21,736 a year.Again, working some overtime can push this value close come $25,000 a year.

To-Go combine Pay

The typical hourly pay for a To-Go associate at Food Lion is around $9.85 an hour. That’s around $394 a week and a yearly salary of $20,488.To-Go command associates lead their teams in this department and also can make approximately $11.20 an hour. That amount offers these workers around $448 a main in pay and also a salary of $23,296 every year.

Department Manager Salaries

The median hourly wage for department supervisors throughout Food Lion stores is approximately $17.30 one hour. This equals around $692 a week and $35,984 a year.Since this positions space non-exempt and paid on one hourly basis, you have the opportunity to make part overtime. This is why the not unusual for department supervisors to knife a small over $40,000 a year.

Food Lion Assistant Manager Salary

Salaries because that assistant manager at Food Lion range anywhere in between $33,200 a year come $66,500. The average assistant manager makes around $52,750 a year.This walk not incorporate a yearly cash bonus anywhere in between $3,000 come $5,000.

Food Lion Manager Salary

The salary for a keep manager in ~ Food Lion can range between $37,000 a year to $88,300. The median store manager makes roughly $61,100 a year.The added pay because that this position have the right to average anywhere between $15,000-$18,000 a year in cash bonuses and profit sharing.

Does Food Lion salary weekly?

Food Lion employees get paid biweekly every various other Wednesday if it’s with a paper check, and every various other Tuesday if that is direct deposit.If you room not may be to sign up because that a straight deposit, girlfriend will gain your first check with the mail. Alternatively, you will also have the possibility to use a payment card if girlfriend so desire.

Pay Raises in ~ Food Lion

Food Lion workers receive a yearly testimonial somewhere between March and also April the every year. Based upon these results, they can receive as much as a 3% progressive in pay. There room exceptions where administration feels it’s crucial to advanced a worker’s pay based on an excellent performance. Therefore, a new employee deserve to actually receive a progressive in pay lot sooner than the one-year anniversary date.

Break Policy

Employees at Food Lion obtain two payment 15-minute breaks for every transition of 6 hrs or more. You’ll likewise be may be to have actually a enjoy the meal break if you work-related a shift of 5 1/2 hrs or more and it will occur usually somewhere close to the five-hour mark. If you room interested in applying, use this link to the official careers site.

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Dress Code

The uniform because that Food Lion is composed of a company-issued blue polo shirt with a surname tag and a agency logo. You’ll need to purchase either black color or khaki pants. Additionally, you’re required to purchase your own black belt and black or brown shoes.Body piercings are enabled except for associates functioning in the deli/bakery. Tattoos room acceptable unless they space offensive come customers, in which instance you need to cover them. Also, many stores call for that you have naturally colored hair.

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