Glass is an insulator, so, when glass experiences rapid changes in temperature, one next of that shrinks faster than the other, top it to crack.

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A couple of days ago, I placed a glass bottle of water in the freezer so the water would cool quickly. As expected, ns promptly forgot that ns did so. When I opened up the freezer the next day, I discovered that the water had actually turned to ice cream (an meant outcome) and also the bottle and been broken (unexpected outcome)! Thus, the question of my day… why walk the glass break?

To price this, we require to know thermal equilibrium and also glass together a conductor of heat. So… let’s dive in!

Thermal Equilibrium

Thermal energy is the energy tied to the temperature of things or system. When talking about heat, we are referring to the transport of thermal energy from one thing to another. Warm is moved either through conduction, convection or radiation. In general terms, the laws came to with the exchange (and change from one type to another) the thermal energy are referred to as the laws of Thermodynamics. These laws govern our understanding of alters in temperature in any type of system.


A broken glass bottle (Photo credit : Tim Pieloth/Shutterstock)

Glass objects, because of these thermodynamic properties, room susceptible to breaking as soon as exposed come rapidly changing temperatures. Warm must it is in exchanged with a medium.

In our question, the two objects space chilled air and the glass itself. The cold air acts as the medium through which warmth is lost. The freeze air comes in call with one next of the glass first, and that side of the glass rapidly loses heat, consequentially shrinking. The contrast in temperature exists because the two sides of glass room unable to reach a state of thermal equilibrium v the freeze air, as we disputed earlier.

Thus, when the heat is shed from one next of the glass, the other side is comparably warmer and also therefore, much more expanded. This contrast in the expansion then reasons the glass to crack or break.

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