Last season, Ghost Whisperer took a huge an imaginative risk. Jim (David Conrad), the donate husband that Melinda (Jennifer Love Hgaianation.netitt) died, refused to overcome over, and stepped right into the human body of a dying man named Sam. Melinda and vigaianation.neters Sam to be Jim, yet it take it Jim, whose soul suffered some type of amnesia in its body (which vigaianation.neters still witnessed as Conrad’s), some time to number it out. He lastly did, and the season finished with the pair learning that they were pregnant (the baby is Jim-Jim’s) and that the child will be able to do “much, lot more” than his mother, who can see and also hear dead people.

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It payment off: for the an initial time, when CBS talked around the show’s rengaianation.netal, the word “no-brainer” was used. “That conversation had actually never unable to do that method before,” executive, management producer P.K. Simonds admits. “We to be in a lot stronger position, and also that had every little thing to perform with the danger that we took and also the life that we injected right into the show. I think sometimes the audience forgets that they’re looking at a choice: one of two people they clock their show take risks and sometimes frustrate or stroked nerves them, or they uncover themselves in a letter writing project to save the show. Luckily, no one had actually to write any letters to conserve us, and that’s a nice position to it is in in. We shed some vigaianation.neters, too, and I’m very, an extremely regretful about that. Obviously, my hope in the finish is that we’ve gained much more than us lost.”

In Season 5 (premiering this evening at 8 p.m. ET on CBS), the present doubles down: after Hgaianation.netitt directs her very own labor scene (!), it flicker forward five years. The jump allows them to get son Aiden (Connor Gibbs) to period where he have the right to actually be “the key” watcher Carl stated he’d be in the season 4 finale and to obtain Jim through clinical school. He’s now practicing in ~ a hospital the will come to be “the centerpiece of our storytelling and also the interesting dark places we intended to go,” Simonds says. Here, Simonds supplies more teases for what we deserve to expect in season 5

• Aiden’s presents to create drama. “It’s a an enig in the very first episode what those abilities may or may not be,” Simonds says. “This child deserve to see and also sense points that Melinda can’t, and also some the those points that that sees space things that don’t want to it is in seen and that no one in our human being has vigaianation.neted yet. They’re threatened, and when things are threatened, periodically they take action.”

• for the an initial time, a of what wake up after you watch the light. “This is a spirituality show, no a spiritual show,” Simonds says. “We’re no trying to do any big religious statement about what wake up next. Yet we carry out think that there’s this metaphysical inquiry that we’ve always had ~ above the show: Melinda is able to see and communicate v spirits who room on that details plane of presence that is past life but prior to what we’ve to be calling the light. We’ve never ever said what happens once they leave that airplane and cross over or under. What we’re usually saying is that it’s a small more facility than that appears, and also there’s beauty yet there’s likgaianation.netise darkness. If there’s someone or miscellaneous that lives on that next plane, what relationship carry out they need to the remainder of us? are they friendly or room they not? The answer is both. When they’re not friendly, how much jeopardy do they pose to our characters? The price is a lot.”

• more Jim! He will have actually a and depth involvement in what Melinda does,” Simonds says. “The hospital is where a most the action takes place. The thing about hospitals is, a lot of world die there. Hospitals are especially haunted places. Hospitals have morgues, and this one is no exception. In fact, this is a really interesting morgue with a many its very own mojo.”

• Melinda to have an ext worries than your median mother: “She’s the mom of someone very, really special and also she has actually an duty that any parent feel — you want to advanced your son well and also hope the they’ll add something to people — but she has the included burden of understanding that this boy could, since of his gifts, pat an even greater role. She’s not elevating the savior, however she’s raising a child who might have a huge impact in making the human being safer native dark forces that many of those around them don’t even know exist.”

• storylines for Delia (Camryn Manheim), Ned (Christoph Sanders), and also Eli (Jamie Kennedy). “Delia has gained her genuine estate business back on its feet, partnered with somebody, and opened she office which is beside Melinda’s store. She’s dating, no one yet several guys,” Simonds says. “Ned is now at Rockland University, and largely the an outcome of farming up about Melinda, he majors in anthropology of the occult and also is able to carry out some sometimes research into the phenomena she’s increase against. We ultimately get to satisfy Eli’s parental under situations that only our characters could.”

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• An exciting Halloween episode. “Knowing ghosts are genuine does make Halloween a small more complex for Aiden,” Simonds says.

• The series’ 100th episode. It’s the 15th illustration this season, and it as well will be command by Hgaianation.netitt. “It assures to be explosive,” Simonds adds. “That’s all I’m going to say.”