for a car?This is the setup boyfriend prefers and has obtained used to. However sometimes his auto won"t start.It"s a push button starter.I"m thinking probably somehow this setup uses much more of the battery up? has anyone had actually this problem?

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It makes no difference. It"s most likely time to obtain a brand-new battery - exactly how old is the one in the vehicle now?
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It renders no difference. It"s most most likely time to obtain a new battery - exactly how old is the one in the automobile now?
Im no sure but if that hasn"t changed it, then perhaps 2 years. He appears to have actually all type of stuff turned in his car.It"s a camery and also has those bottom lights in it. When he picked me up once he had the automobile off and those bottom lights were on. And also he couldn"t start the car.I told the to take it the automatic setup off and also it seems prefer it took treatment of the problem. Once it"s on automatic, the all the lights stay on when he transforms the vehicle off for around a minute. Doesn"t seem favor that would certainly take a the majority of battery.
Time because that a new battery. Auto lamp don"t drainpipe much. Nice much every little thing goes off when you power off the car, uneven it is aftermarket (sounds favor the step lights might be... Room they LEDs?) In any type of case, car manufacturers don"t make settings prefer that take up much more juice. Not enough to drainpipe a battery. But battery life is around 2 years depending upon the brand.
Does leaving lights on automatic setting drain battery more?Oct 29, 2016 19:28:06 GMTblue tulip likes this
No - I have actually my lights set on automatic setup and I"ve had actually my auto 13 years. I have actually only had a dead battery once and also that to be just since it to be an old battery. If his battery keeps dying - the difficulty is most likely the alternator - it most likely needs replacing. Negative alternators drain the battery.
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No. The automatically lights are just on once the auto is running. Once the automobile is running - your alternator is charging her battery. If her battery is dead, examine that some various other light, such together an inner accessory light is not being left on. That could also have a short in the electronic devices somewhere draining the battery.The lights might stay on for a short period of time after you revolve off the car, to enable you to leave your car and also have part light because that a an extremely short period of time and then they turn off. You deserve to take your car to any car parts store or mechanic and have the battery experiment to check out if it is good, or requirements to it is in replaced. A 2 year old battery must be good - however they can fail too.
Agree through the rest, Chevy"s seem come have constantly had automatically lights and I"ve never had actually a problem. Only trouble would it is in if they didn"t have actually automatic lights due to the fact that I haven"t had to rotate on lights in 20 years lol - i"m sure i"d have actually a difficult time mental to do so.

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My car is 10 year old and it"s constantly been ~ above auto lights. I"ve had the battery changed once, around a year ago. I"d go obtain the battery confirm tho - part don"t last as lengthy as others.