the is a great question and also I need response since I additionally have a maid and also matron that honor. It might be a personal preference but I to be thinking about letting the matron of honor stand next to me.

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Should the matron of honor come down the aisle by herself since she is married? We likewise have two best men.

I would certainly start like this. I beg your pardon one is Family? If they"re both family members then which one is a sibling? If they"re both siblings climate which one is older? If neighter one if family then i beg your pardon one have you known longer? If you"ve well-known then because that the same amount of time climate which one carry out you speak to more? i beg your pardon one is an ext interested in the wedding? other then that i dunno I"m just telling girlfriend what i would have done if in the very same situation.


My Matron of respect is my ideal friend of two decades and mine Maid of honor is my sister. I wasn"t sure if there to be an etiquette to monitor or to just pick my sister.



I assumed so too. It likewise depends on who you desire to walk with the finest man. We have actually a Matron through the best Man and also a Maid v a Junior finest Man.

Matron of Honor and also Maid of Honor room the exact same positions...they just have various title alternatives to represent whether they are married. So it would certainly be the exact same as if they to be both"d have 2 maids the honor, and also it would be your personal preference for that stands alongside you. If you have actually a many of challenge choosing, lining up by elevation is constantly a an excellent option!


I had actually a both and well together 2 Bestmen and we inside wall them up by height.I really dont think that it is a specific order because its usually the same positon its simply one is married and one isnt.But everyone has actually their own preference part ppl go by importance and also some walk by height.HTH


There are no rules. YOu can have whom ever before you want standing alongside you. Its her wedding you do the rules.

It really is approximately you and I think friend should choose the human being you most want to it is in standing next to you. If you truly can"t decide, take into consideration this. Your finest friend will certainly probably know if you select a household member. Will your sister recognize if you choose a friend? If you feel she might have solid feelings, you need to probably select your sister.

Whoever friend choose, have a wonderful wedding.

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I think it"s matron first then maid. Ns too could be in your case if my prospective maid of honor isn"t deployed overseas when I acquire married.


Which one room you the next to? i m sorry one has actually helped you many with the wedding? i m sorry one have actually you well-known for the longest? i m sorry one room you connected to and are closest to? I think that these are great questions come consider. Ns would probably choose: The one that i was closest to and then the one that ns was associated to and also closest to. An excellent luck, best wishes

Weddings that ns have operated with usually have the Matron of Honor stand by the bride. Upon exiting the Matron and also Best Man exit together. Expect this helps you.

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